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Asset Management Software Solution Sheet

Asset Management Software

Maintaining accurate, up-to-date fixed asset records has never been more important. Government regulation and an overall push towards greater fiscal transparency for organizations necessitates that assets above a certain capitalization threshold be tracked from acquisition through disposal. Built to a “best practices” standard, the Asset Management Software (AMS) from AssetWorks is a configurable, scalable solution that can be used to supplement an existing system or as a comprehensive, integrated solution for tracking assets throughout their lifecycle.


The AMS Fixed Asset Management module can help streamline the following processes:

  • Transfer management
  • Change request management
  • Asset depreciation
  • Asset maintenance and calibration

With the power of AMS, users can manage assets from acquisition through disposal, complying with GASB and GAAP reporting requirements. Various levels of user access, approval processes, and a complete audit trail allow AMS users to be confident in the integrity of their data while the ability to automate the processing of day-to-day tasks creates new organizational efficiencies.

Fixed Asset Management

Product Highlights:

Automated Transfer Management
Automate the transfer process with e-mail notifications and flexible approval routing. Incorporate your own business rules to enforce compliance, increase efficiency, and eliminate errors and delays.

Change Request Management
Used to maintain centralized control over your data, change request management processes can be implemented to require approval when certain asset attributes are changed.

Multiple Methods of Depreciation
Multiple depreciation methods, including customizable options, allow you to modify how you depreciates assets.

Asset Maintenance and Calibration
Provides notifications for equipment maintenance and repair, maintaining a detailed history for reporting purposes.

Dynamic Reporting Tool
Includes the ability to run standard reports as well as create your own custom reports using the built-in report generator. For infrequent queries, ad hoc reporting capabilities are also available.

System and Data Security

Various levels of user access defined at the entity, organization,
site and building level as well as approval processes and a complete auditable history ensure the integrity of data being tracked.

Data Exchange
Allows asset and table data to be imported/exported in comma-delimited (CSV) and text formats.

Document/Image Repository Management
Provides the ability to assign forms, documents, and image files to individual properties and assets.



  • Streamline data communication processes by maintaining all asset related information in one sophisticated database, accessible by everyone in real-time.
  • Increase efficiency with automated workflow processes for adding and disposing of assets, transferring assets, modifying asset records and more.
  • Save time preparing GAAP and GASB 34/35 compliant reports with a collection of standard reports and the ability to create your own reports as needed.
  • Rest assured that data is secure and accurate as a result of various levels of user access, approval processes, and a complete audit trail.
  • Reduced learning curve as a result of configurable field names, user friendly design and intuitive workflows.
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