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Project Description

Property Insurance Appraisals Solution Sheet

Data You Can Trust for Coverage You Can Rely On

AssetWorks’ property valuation services help you get more from your data. More confidence and new levels of accuracy, leading to more effective coverage, all built on the trusted data management foundation to take it further.

Address 100% of Your Property Values with Services to Fit Your Budget

Just like AssetWorks’ modular property risk management software, AMP, our expert valuation services support your needs with flexible options that combine their strengths to build the perfect complete solution. Our knowledgeable valuation consultants work with you to develop a valuation strategy customized to the right services, timing and budget for your organization. This allows you to address 100% of your property values, accurately and affordably, to meet your short- and long-term goals.

Valuation Services Include:

  • Onsite Appraisal: This USPAP-compliant insurance appraisal includes onsite, physical inspections to collect building details and generate an accurate estimate of replacement or reproduction cost.
  • Valuation Estimator: It’s a service… It’s a tool… It’s a custom-built valuation matrix designed to generate an accurate estimate of your replacement cost. It works by leveraging property data stored in the AMP Property Risk Software platform to calculate the valuations that support your efforts in between physical inspections.

  • Virtual Valuation: This inspection and valuation service leverages web-based tools and collaboration with your own knowledgeable building personnel to validate property data and elevate accuracy.

  • Annual Trending: With this service, AssetWorks experts apply regional trend factors to current replacement cost values, aligning them with overall economic changes, such as an increased materials costs, as well as regional and national inflation factors.

The AssetWorks Difference

Lots of companies offer appraisal services, but AssetWorks provides a more holistic approach for our customers, increasing accuracy, affordability and even helping you secure more complete insurance coverage and better rates. With AssetWorks’ valuation services, you simply get more, including:


Discover accurate data and insights from experts with decades of property appraisal acumen. Receive an unmatched catalog of the data details insurance providers need most, based on best practices and expertise.


Our tiered selection of service options are built into a smart solution derived from your organization’s unique needs and customized to meet your goals.


Every engagement includes certified appraisal reports with insurance details per building and a comparison of values prior to and following the appraisal project.


All appraisal data is housed in AssetWorks AMP Property Risk software core technology, empowering you with easy access, comprehensive analysis capabilities and standard and ad-hoc reporting.


By collecting detailed COPE and catastrophe modeling data you gain a more complete picture of your risk profile which, when run through modeling programs, can result in more favorable rates.

Contact us today to find out how AssetWorks valuation experts and supporting software can serve your property risk management program.

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