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Property Risk Management Solution Sheet

It’s Like Having Your Own Property Data Supercenter, Customized to Your Organization

Imagine… if managing insurance property data were as clear, comprehensive and convenient as plucking the information you needed off a store shelf, where the store was entirely customized for you.

amp property risk management software screenshotYou might pop in to grab data on all properties with a specific ISO-classification, and you’d walk out with a detailed ad hoc report featuring just the fields you wanted, in the order you need.

You might stop by for current property valuation estimates and choose from individual property or bulk estimates — and get them, confident in your data.

You’d find property images, supporting documentation, and a history of data updates laid out before you, organized all in one place.

And the data would be fresh, verifiable and accessible 24/7, with the right user permissions.

Can you envision it? This is the way AMP Property Risk Management software unifies and streamlines your workflows with one time-saving application.

Choose Only the Modules You Need and Easily Customize

AMP works the way you work but powered up with added convenience. Get only the modules you need, adjust fields to match your organization’s terminology and mold workflow to your processes for all-new automation. Modules include…

Property Risk Management Core Module

Discover property tracking with powerful detail, accountability and accuracy. Collect data for:

        • States, pools, cities, educational institutions
        • Sites
        • Buildings
        • Property in the open
        • Movable equipment
        • And more!

Primary and secondary COPE data fields capture details so yearly Statement of Values initiatives are easy and you’re always prepared for a risk event.

Required fields ensure critical data elements are never omitted, keeping you on track.

Permissions and approvals inform users, increase accountability and improve data quality.

History features auto-document your data updates, avoiding time-consuming detective work.

Reporting Module

Pre-formatted and ad hoc reports allow you to gain a strategic, bird’s eye view of your property or drill-down to the fine details. Create custom data searches, choose the fields you want in your preferred order, and save them for future report runs! Share with others for improved communication.

Valuation Estimator Module

This perfect complement to your appraisal program allows you to maintain accurate estimates of replacement costs year-after-year. Customized exclusively to your organization, the models are created by industry experts using multiple valuation resources and include the flexibility to adjust based on a variety of property-specific modifiers. When combined with onsite appraisal services, you can address 100% of your Total Insurable Value.

Events Module

Automate your renewal process and increase accountability with AMP’s Events module. Schedule renewal events, send automated email reminders to pool members and create a contact history. You’ll spend less time chasing Statement of Values updates, freeing you for other tasks.

Insurance Policy Management Module

Create policies and add segments to track insurance information alongside of property data in one single, comprehensive database. Standard policy types include: auto liability, building and content, business interruption, data processing, inland marine, and medical malpractice. Or add your own policy types.

Licensed Vehicle Management Module

From school buses to motor pools, the AMP Licensed Vehicle Management module streamlines the way your entity or risk pool manages the complex information and detailed records associated with licensed vehicles. It offers a convenient, efficient, and secure way of managing: basic vehicle attributes, mechanical attributes, vehicle location and assignment details, replacement costs, insurable values, actual cash values and more.

AMP is Your Opportunity For…

  • Data clarity and confidence
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Greater accountability
  • More powerful communication across the organization
  • More accurate insurance coverage based on current information.

Contact AssetWorks today to learn how AMP can bring new vision to your property risk management program.

AMP offers a convenient, efficient, and secure method of tracking and reporting data used for:

  • Loss control
  • Proof-of-loss documentation
  • Catastrophe modeling
  • Annual updating of values
  • Property marketing and placement
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