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Project Description

Property Risk Management Solution Sheet

As an organization, being exposed to a variety of risks is inevitable – being prepared in the event of a risk occurrence is critical. When it comes to managing property data for your organization or risk pool,
the AMP Property Risk Management module from AssetWorks offers an innovative approach to risk management. By maintaining data about buildings and structures, property-in-the-open, fixed assets, licensed vehicles, and secondary C.O.P.E. characteristics, in a single, comprehensive database, AMP can help bridge the gap between valuation results and valuation management.


With various levels of user access, approval processes, and a complete audit trail, AMP users can be confident in the integrity of their data. Data conversion capabilities for catastrophe modeling, reports for proof-of-loss documentation in the event of a catastrophe, and a simplified insurance renewal process make AMP the clear choice for property risk management.


Property Tracking
Functionality to track multiple individual organizations under one entity. Includes the ability to track primary and secondary C.O.P.E. data as well as processes for adding, updating, and deactivating property.

Valuation Management
Users can implement approval processes for new property and changes made to existing insurable values. Mass change functionality provides the ability to annually perpetuate values while maintaining a complete record of the changes made.

Dynamic Reporting Tool
Standard reports are accessible in batch mode and can be filtered by search parameters. Includes reports to assist with data conversion for catastrophe modeling, proof-of-loss documentation, and the insurance renewal process.

System and Data Security
Various levels of user access defined at the entity, organization, site and building level as well as approval processes and a complete auditable history ensure the integrity of data being tracked.

Data Exchange
Allows asset and table data to be imported/exported in comma-delimited (CSV) and text formats

Document/Image Repository Management
Provides the ability to assign forms, documents, and image files to individual properties and assets

User-friendly Interface
The “Work Desk” capability allows statistics, reports and other visual tools to be attached to the home screen while an unlimited number of user defined fields allows users to track additional data elements.



  • Streamline data communication processes and simplify the renewal process by maintaining all information in one sophisticated database, accessible by everyone in real-time.
  • Increase efficiency with automated workflow processes for adding new properties, modifying existing property schedules, and removing entries from current property schedules.
  • Save time preparing reports for data mapping for catastrophe modeling, proof-of-loss documentation, and the insurance renewal process.
  • Rest assured that data is secure and accurate as a result of various levels of user access, approval processes, and a complete audit trail.
  • Experience greater leverage in the insurance market with respect to coverage and premiums as a result of submitting accurate data and a detailed risk model.
  • Reduced learning curve as a result of user friendly design and intuitive workflows.

AMP offers a convenient, efficient, and secure method of tracking and reporting data used for:

  • Loss control
  • Proof-of-loss documentation
  • Catastrophe modeling
  • Annual updating of values
  • Property marketing and placement
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