AMP Risk Valuation Estimator at North Dakota Insurance Reserve Fund (Infographic)2021-05-04T12:04:56-04:00

Infographic: North Dakota Insurance Department (NDID) Case Study

Prior to implementing AMP Property Risk Management software from AssetWorks, NDID was using a valuation tool with limitations. While operating with a small team, the department was experiencing rapid growth in total insurable value (TIV), and was aware of various inaccuracies in insurable values.

Since implementing AssetWorks’ AMP Property Risk Management software, NDID has experienced numerous benefits. AMP has helped the department keep up with a growing property portfolio, leverage the power of a true partnership, and has added value through the software’s robust functionality.

Check out this infographic to learn more about AssetWorks’ partnership with NDID.

risk management case study PDF North Dakota Insurance Department AssetWorks

“In terms of [AssetWorks’] people, the appraisal team, the developers… They’ve
all been great. Through the whole process, they’ve been accommodating and bent
over backwards to help facilitate rolling out AMP. It’s been really, really positive.”

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