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Are you ready to develop and implement a long-term asset management plan for the City of Reno?

For the past decade, the City of Reno’s Public Works budget has included developing a long-term asset management and maintenance plan. The AssetWorks team is ready to help Reno check this item off of the to-do list, so your team can focus on what’s most important:

keeping the City of Reno safe, happy and well-maintained.

Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time helping your community with AssetWorks EAM’s powerful features.

In these short demo videos, Jim Hammond walks through EAM’s Capital Planning and Work Management portals.

Video Demo: Capital Planning with EAM

Take control of your budget and funding, so you can focus on the City of Reno without being derailed by an unexpected incident.

Video Demo: Work Management with EAM

Empower your work crews with technology, both in the office and in the field.

The AssetWorks team read Reno’s Master Plan, and we’re excited to see the great things in store for the city. The most exciting part? AssetWorks can help achieve many of the goals set for Reno’s Public Works Department!

When you have a powerful software solution to help achieve your established goals, your team can focus on developing an effective asset management plan!

How we can help Reno’s Master Plan:

Yes, AssetWorks EAM can help! EAM’s comprehensive Capital Planning tools can prioritize, plan and budget for asset and infrastructure maintenance, improvement and replacement.

Yes, AssetWorks EAM can help! EAM’s comprehensive Capital Planning tools were designed to prioritize maintenance and improvements in communities like Reno.

Yes, AssetWorks EAM can help! Our EAM software can utilize your data to create strategies, manage the projects and complete the work required to improve the safety of Reno’s cyclists and commuters.

Yes, AssetWorks EAM can help! Having all of your asset management data in one database helps coordinate maintenance with already established plans.

Yes, AssetWorks EAM can help! With EAM’s Esri integration, you can not only view your assets on a map, but you can also make this information actionable.

Yes, AssetWorks EAM can help! The power of EAM isn’t limited to your computers. With EAM, your staff can use tablets or other mobile devices in the field to update vital information on Reno’s assets.

Yes, AssetWorks EAM can help! EAM’s powerful features can manage detailed preventive maintenance and inspection schedules on all of Reno’s assets, regardless of their type or complexity.

Yes, AssetWorks EAM can help! EAM’s Citizen Request functionalities help empower the citizens of Reno to report maintenance and improvement issues, so the City can continue moving forward.

Since we last spoke, AssetWorks released a fully integrated, 311-style mobile app, Citizen Engagement, to streamline community requests.

Meet the app

We know you believe in Reno. Let us show you and your team why AssetWorks believes in Reno too.

Simply call or email Jim Hammond to set up a custom demonstration of our EAM software solution.

Jim Hammond

National Account Representative

Cell: 541.610.2302

Email: Jim.Hammond@AssetWorks.com