Reasons to Attend the 2022 AssetWorks Academy

After two years of virtual AssetWorks Academy, we are excited to be back in person for 2022. This year we will be held at the place known for its power in the entertainment industry, Hollywood, California. If seeing the Hollywood sign and seeing your favorite celebrities at Madame Tussauds museum is not an incentive enough to join us in Hollywood, here are a few of the many other reasons you should attend.

Gain Practical Skills through Technical Learning

Many who attend AssetWorks Academy use our software daily. Even though you may feel comfortable with your AssetWorks solution, Academy offers additional extensive training. These training sessions allow you to become more efficient with the software and increase your productivity. 

Learn from the People who Develop and Implement the Software

AssetWorks Academy is hosted and led by AssetWorks development and professional services staff. Having these staff members at your fingertips means you can speak, and ask questions, to the individuals who implement, support, and develop the technology you use daily. Not only will this opportunity advance your knowledge, but you can also provide any feedback on the product that can help better your fleet and asset organization. 

Share Ideas with Other Professionals 

Not only will the AssetWorks staff be attending, but there will also be hundreds of other fleet and asset management professionals. This is a rare opportunity that allows you to meet and share even more ideas with other professionals. 

In-Person Networking

These face-to-face conversations not only improve the way your operation runs but also are a great way to build strong professional connections. After two years of virtual Academy, we are all overdue for some face-to-face networking.

Get to Participate in the Click-Game 

If you attend the AssetWorks Academy you can participate in an interactive photo scavenger hunt game. Throughout the week, you will take photos to fulfill different scavenger hunt challenges. The attendee with the most points by the end of the event, Wednesday morning, wins a prize. 

Get Hands-on Access to New Technology and Products

We will be announcing a brand-new product at this year’s Academy. If you attend, you will be among the first to see the newest technology available in the marketplace and be one of the first to sample the new product.
What is this new product, you ask? Go here to register to be one of the first to find out and to learn more about AssetWorks Academy 2022. 


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