7 Ways Colleges and Universities are Promoting Surplus On Campus and Around Town

Promoting your surplus operation and available assets can make a difference in meeting your waste diversion, revenue generation, or other goals. Getting the word out on campus and around town helps drive customers to your warehouse and move items off of the shelves.

Here are a few strategies surplus managers are using to publicize their businesses and promote surplus assets:

Build a Reliable Website:
Most university surplus organizations have a website where they provide information about their operation, and post sale items and upcoming events. With more and more consumers shopping online, providing a list of available assets with images allows prospective buyers to see what’s available before coming in to make a purchase.

Advertise in Newspapers & Local Publications:
While some institutions have rules regarding paid advertising in newspapers and local magazines, many surplus operations are able to use this outlet when it comes to promoting surplus events. Be sure to consider student publications in addition to the local paper!

Sponsor Campus Events:
Act as a sponsor for a campus event. Supporting a 5K, blood drive, homecoming parade float, or other event that brings people together on campus can help make your program visible. In addition, it shows your organization is a supportive part of the university family.

Join a Campus Committee:
There are many different committees on university and college campuses, and some of them, like those that focus on recycling, sustainability, zero-waste or other green initiatives, may be a perfect fit for a surplus asset manager. Getting involved with an aligned campus committee keeps surplus top-of-mind when the committee is making decisions.

Hand out Pamphlets and Literature:
Many surplus managers leverage move-in days and end-of-semester events to promote their warehouse. During these times, people are either looking for affordable additions to dorm rooms or offices – cabinets, computer equipment and furniture – or to shed unwanted items at the end of the school year.

Leverage Social Media:
Social media is a must in interacting with potential customers on and around campus. University surplus organizations turn to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to feature specific items and let customers know about auctions, special events and contact information. Encourage your University to share your posts. Chances are they have a pretty large follower base!

Enable Positive Word of Mouth:
Establishing positive word of mouth can be achieved by good customer relations, competitive prices and consistency. If a university surplus warehouse can build a strong, positive reputation, word of mouth can spread to potential customers on and off campus. There is no better form of marketing than positive word of mouth!

These are just some of the ways university surplus organizations are promoting surplus. We’d love to hear from you. What unique ways have you used to promote your organization? Let us know (info@assetworks.com) and you could be featured in an upcoming blog post!

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