Are you playing a game of telephone with your energy data?

When it comes to energy data, information silos present a huge problem. Without reliable, accessible data it’s impossible to make informed energy management decisions.

Do you remember playing telephone as a kid?

In the day camp classic, children sit in a circle, relaying a message through whispers from one player to another. At the end of the line, the last child communicates the phrase as they understood it.  After the message is relayed from kid to kid, even the simplest phrase has morphed into an unrecognizable, garbled mess.

Information silos cause the same chaos within your organization. By the time data is relayed from one system, person, or department to the next, many critical details are lost in translation.

Energy management silos are a huge detriment to campus data integrity, and they affect all areas of facility management. However, when you break down facility information silos, you usher in massive improvements to your campus.

Preventive maintenance:

Once silos are removed, and information is shared efficiently, your systems can alert you to potential maintenance issues – before something breaks. When systems can communicate with one another, one system may recognize a potential issue, and can communicate this issue to your staff via your work order system. This proactive approach to maintenance allows you to avoid costly repairs and hefty emergency service call fees. Through effective preventive maintenance, you’ll also avoid unnecessary down time for rooms or buildings.


Eliminating silos allows you to keep accurate records and obtain detailed information regarding your facility.

Data normalization allows you to know what’s going on at your facility. When presented as mere numbers on a report, data does not tell the full story. Through normalization, your data can tell the whole story and display an accurate picture of what’s happening on your campus.

This data isn’t merely good for the sake of knowledge. Quality data allows you to make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Once you have access to the right information, work becomes simpler. Eliminating silos allows you to enter information into your system only once. Say goodbye to multiple entries – and the tendency for errors that comes from duplicating data between systems.


Removing silos also increases visibility and accountability within your organization.

When information isn’t locked in one data center, upper management can access your department’s metrics. Not only does this improve the visibility of your work, but it saves dozens of work hours as you don’t have to spend your time pulling and creating quarterly reports. Even if you still have to provide reports to management, you can pull the information in a matter of minutes, rather than days. Removing silos eliminates the game of telephone with your energy data.

So, how do you remove these energy data silos at your facility? To solve this issue once and for all, discover the power of a truly integrated workplace management system.

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