Meet Patrick Whitney: Appraisal’s Intrepid Enabler of Implementation

PaPatrick Whitneytrick Whitney, Implementation Specialist for the AssetWorks’ Risk Management team, has the unique ability to quietly make things happen. Whether it’s analyzing batches of property data and ushering them into the AMP product, customizing fields to match customers’ precise specs, or generating the reports that keep underwriters better-informed, Pat gets it done — all with his characteristic lack of fanfare.

Patrick began his career at AssetWorks three years ago as an appraiser but, within the last year, has become an integral player on the Implementation team. On any given day, Pat might be mapping out data for customers, working with development on one-off customization projects, keeping the AMP community in the loop with regular newsletters on system updates, and offering users a helping hand via step-by-step feature walkthroughs.

At the time of this interview, Patrick was hard at work creating preliminary reports for a government insurance trust and a county risk pool. Preliminary reports are Excel files that contain all of the critical data points AssetWorks Property Appraisal is hired to collect — from comparisons of old and new property values and images, right down to granular details about the type of roofing nails used on a specific building.

For Patrick, it’s all about the details. In fact, when asked about favorite parts of his job, he said, “I like breaking down the data and getting it all in order. And once you save the data and distribute it to the customers, they can do so much with it — even do their own reviews. Get that data right and we can create reports for them for any specifics they want.”

He went on to add, “I also like that, in this position, I still get a lot of hands-on work with our appraisers. I enjoy that because, about two years ago, I was one of them. They still ask me questions sometimes.” Of course, it’s not surprising that the fellow with all Patrick Whitney's Dogsthe details also has a lot of answers.

What might seem surprising, Patrick admitted, is how he and the rest of Implementation “really don’t miss deadlines.” He explained, “We hit our deadlines because our work bridges the gap between what our appraisers need and our customers need. We hit those deadlines because we’re really the line between them both.”

When Patrick’s not at AssetWorks, he enjoys spending time with his wife, special education teacher Beth, and their two dogs, Daphne the Rottweiler and Sadie, a Lab/Beagle mix — the latter of whom he laughingly describes as “energy, nerves and noise.” Pat also likes to wind down with an occasional game of golf, and he makes time to attend Steelers’ football and Pirates’ baseball games a few times year. Often absorbed in a home improvement project, Patrick is currently redoing the trim around the walls and floorboards of his home, after having recently laid down new laminate flooring. True to form, this represents one more project that Pat has quietly, stalwartly tackled.