What Parking Management Professionals Wish They’d Known from Day One

We can’t make students pay their fines on time or park in the correct location. However, there are several things you can do to make your job easier and allow you to maximize efficiency.  

You know all too well about the parking management struggles on your campus. And, you’re not alone. On campuses across North America, parking managers struggle to meet the needs of commuters while caring for the best interests of the campus.

Today, we’ll take a look at a few key pieces of advice from seasoned parking veterans.

  1. Have clear written policies

I know. It’s hard. You have favorite students, first-time offenders, and those who plead ignorance of a particular rule. And then, you have the others – the rude, the frequent violators, and that kid in Jergins Hall with a half dozen violations a handful of unpaid tickets. When it comes to determining who can have their ticket forgiven “just this once,” and who has to pay the full fine, it’s hard to be consistent.

To promote consistency, have clear written policies.  Maybe you’re willing to reduce a fine if it’s paid within 24 hours or provide forgiveness for a first offense. Whatever the policy, go ahead and put it in writing, so students and staff know what to expect. Written policies create cohesion across your campus. Students will know what to expect, and your enforcement officers will have no confusion when issuing citations.

With clear written expectations, commuters can’t plead ignorance, and enforcement officers know precisely when to issue citations.

  1. Monitor free areas of potential system abuse

In a perfect world, drivers would respect the honor system and never take advantage of free parking loopholes. However, as you’re keenly aware, this is not the case. Keep a close eye on any systems in place that students could unethically leverage as “free parking.”

This list includes:

  • Long term parking in front of open parking areas like libraries
  • Abuse of guest passes
  • Misuse of garage system
  • Parking illegally in rarely patrolled lots
  1. Give students responsibility

Fines for campus visitors are notoriously hard to collect.

When students register guest on campus, make them responsible for any tickets or fines incurred by their visitor while they’re on campus. Not only will students encourage their guests to drive responsibly, but you’ll also have a point person for billing for any fines incurred on campus.

  1. Offer software solutions for students and faculty

Commuters quickly become frustrated by overcrowded parking. This annoyance often results in incorrectly parked, angry drivers. Of course, you can’t magically add more parking spaces with the wave of a wand. However, you can supply students and faculty with technology to find available spaces. Parking software such as IntelliPark reduces endless lot circling, idling vehicles, and the line of unhappy commuters complaining about the parking situation on campus.
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