Moving Surplus Without Moving Surplus

How coordination, communication, promotion, and software can help you sell/redistribute surplus property without the burden of moving it or storing it in your warehouse

Let’s face it, you might not have space in your surplus warehouse to store or display ALL of the dorm room furniture that came from the building on campus being demolished in a few months. Likewise, when the science department moves to their newly renovated location, you might not have the time or resources to relocate all of their old chairs, desks, and bookshelves to your facility.

So how can you support University sustainability goals and put these surplus assets back to use without taking on the burden of moving and storing them?

1. COORDINATION: Coordinate in advance with the department (i.e. Housing/Reslife) that is planning to have an abundance of large surplus items for disposition. See if you can arrange with them for potential buyers to be able to pick up surplus property directly from its current location. In some cases, this may occur over a designated time span or you may want to schedule a big “one-day sale!” Be sure to reach out to your institution’s legal counsel to determine if customers need to sign waivers before moving the items themselves.

2. PROMOTION: Create and post flyers, send e-mails, and leverage social media to promote the sale. Start early to give time for word-of-mouth to spread. If possible include pictures of the items being sold and remind buyers that they are responsible for moving what they purchase.

3. SOFTWARE: With features to eaily post images of the assets online, wait list functionality, and mobile friendly applications, software solutions can simplify the sales process. Wait list functionality allows buyers to identify assets they are looking to purchase well in advance (and you to contact them prior to the sale) and mobile friendly solutions can help you and your staff more easily track, record and monitor sales.

A good dose of coordination, communication, promotion and a software solution, along with a little ingenuity, has the potential to make an onslaught of surplus assets a little easier for warehouse managers to handle. Of course, there is probably some extra motivation in not having to waste man hours or storage space on an unexpected accumulation of surplus.


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– Moving surplus without moving the actual #surplus asset is possible with a little bit of coordination and promotion.

– A lack of man hours or warehouse storage space doesn’t have to be a problem for university #surplus managers.

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