Asset Management Software that’s “Totally Modular”

Totally modular, dude!
AssetWorks’ Asset Management Software carries a modular reputation

Defining modular is easy. According to Merriam-Webster, it means “having parts that can be connected or combined in different ways.” It’s a term used to refer to trends in construction, machinery and vehicles, but it might have its most staying power with technology, where it can be applied to software and hardware.

The term is highly applicable to AssetWorks’ Asset Management Software (AMS). A configurable solution, AMS helps track fixed assets from acquisition through disposal, and it’s being used by government organizations and other entities attempting to establish a better workflow.

So, how has AMS gained its modular reputation?

Upon implementation, AMS users can leverage a strong foundation for tracking their assets. The base solution is suited with functionality for maintaining asset records and disposal information, along with a detailed auditable history of any changes made. The system also helps with managing contacts, asset custodians and in-house AMS users. The base solution allows organizations the opportunity to save time and labor by remaining organized with asset tracking and accounting.

AMS users have options when it comes to the software solution. AssetWorks allows buyers to enhance their system by adding modules with additional functionality. Those modules include:

  • Transfer Module: Lets users track movement of assets, recording where they’ve come from and where they’re going. Specifically, clients can request, approve or receive assets between organizations.
  • Internal Transfer Module: Much like the Transfer Module, but with an inter-organizational aspect. Clients can request, approve or receive assets from one location to another.
  • Depreciation Module: A tool allowing clients to calculate the depreciation on assets in the system based on their classification and useful life.
  • Check-In/Check-Out Module: Check out and check in assets to contacts in the AMS system.
  • Fleet Management Module: Gives users the ability to track vehicle maintenance schedules, and log repairs and fuel consumption.
  • VIN Decoding Module: VIN numbers automatically run through a national database and collect information to populate over 40 different automobile fields. Users can pull in details related to make, model, engine and options such as air conditioning, power brakes, tire size and weight.
  • Web-Surplus Module: Provides an online listing of surplus assets available through the organization’s surplus department for sale or redistribution into the same organization.
  • Equipment Maintenance Module: A lot like the Fleet Management Module, but for other equipment assets (e.g. computers, tablets, printers, etc.) that might require service. This module allows users to keep a log of all maintenance performed.
  • Mobile Image Capture Application: After scanning an asset’s barcode, a user can take a picture of the asset, and sync it to their database.
  • Scan & ValidateTM: Allows users to scan assets, record them onto a handheld scanner and update them in an asset management system. This solution is compatible with other asset management systems and can be purchased on it’s own.

Any of these modules may be added to AssetWorks’ Asset Management Software, and they’re all configurable to the specific needs of each client.

If you’re responsible for tracking or accounting for your organization’s fixed assets, AssetWorks’ Asset Management Software solution may be right for you. To speak with an expert in more detail, please feel free to contact us at any time at

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