How to be the George Jetson of Fleet with Mobile Technology

Before the days of binge-watching Netflix at any hour of the day, there were Saturday morning cartoons. Sleepy-eyed kids across the country would slurp up their cereal while watching the Flintstones, Scooby Doo and the Jetsons before their parents would force them outside.

While the Jetsons was fun for kids to watch on Saturday mornings, the cartoon didn’t paint an accurate picture for what the future held. Flying cars don’t zip around our cities, and we’re all still (impatiently) waiting for Rosie the robot maid to clean our houses.

While our world doesn’t look as futuristic as the Jetsons at first glance, there are many technologies available today that America’s favorite family of the future would enjoy.

What does the car of the future look like to you?

To some, flying cars are the future, while others would prefer vehicles with little-to-no negative environmental effects. For those in the fleet management industry, priorities are more practical.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your vehicle could talk to you? You wouldn’t have to wonder when it needs maintenance next, and you could ask it about its complete history without having to double check within your fleet management software back in the office.

With the mobile technology available today, your vehicle can talk to you, all through your smartphone or tablet.

AssetWorks’ mobile application MyVehicle was designed with vehicle operators in mind. As a part of the SmartApps suite, MyVehicle provides operators with information about any vehicle that is associated with them in their fleet management software system.

With this application, you no longer need to be chained to a desk or computer in order to find out all about your vehicle. With MyVehicle, you can:

  • Create and cancel service requests
  • View upcoming preventative maintenance and service requests
  • View work order history including parts and notes
  • View and update meters
  • Update parking locations
  • View preferred vendors by service code

Thanks to mobile technology, our world is getting closer to the fictional future of the Jetsons.

To view a video demo of MyVehicle, click here.


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