What to Look for in a Mobile Inventory Solution

If you’re in inventory and asset management, you’re probably only too aware of how the “fixed” in “fixed assets” isn’t referring to the asset’s location. You know that day-in and day-out, your inventory is in perpetual flux. And not only can it shift in the blink of an eye, it can also have a pesky habit of walking off to unexpected places within (or, in the worst case, outside of) your organization.

That’s why having an effective, user-friendly inventory system is so important. It takes the drudgery out of regular inventory tasks and helps make meeting regulations for asset management faster and easier. Add the power of today’s mobile technology and your fixed asset inventory becomes an even more efficient and accurate process.

What is a Mobile Inventory Solution?

A mobile inventory solution offers the time savings and automation of barcode or RFID scanning technology. But instead of tethering yourself to a clunky scanner and a corded connection, you can scan and sync wirelessly, through the convenience of an iOS or Windows mobile device.

Depending on the software solution you choose, mobile inventory and scanning technology can elevate the accuracy and speed of your whole inventory process. But what features should you look for? Ideally, a robust tool for mobile fixed asset inventory should let you:

Update Easily with a Mobile Touch-Screen

Scan the barcode of a fixed asset through a mobile device, and suddenly, verifying and updating the data becomes so much simpler. The familiar touch-screen interface lets you interact with your inventory information the way you would your own personal mobile technology — without the steeper learning curve of standard brick scanners and related applications. Workflow and configuration become user-friendly and intuitive.

Make Data Updates in Real-Time

Wireless technology also means that some mobile inventory software solutions, such as AssetWorks’ Scan & Validate, will auto-sync your inventory data whenever you have an available WI-FI connection. With a wireless connection, there’s no more waiting to connect to a network to transfer data. No need to risk losing valuable updates during travel and transfer waits. FWireless capabilities make it smooth and easy. And if no connection is available? The right mobile software system will save your data and upload it once a connection becomes available.

Because your mobile device can more frequently and seamlessly communicate with your asset management system, anyone accessing the database will get the freshest information possible. Synchronize with other mobile scanners, too, so your whole inventory team is on the same page. If items are missing, your team has the information they need to verify it or track the assets down—even across multiple locations. Transfer items from one location to another in a single step. Mobile inventory technology allows you to get more done, more accurately and in less time, no matter who’s working where.

Put Asset History at Your Fingertips

An effective mobile inventory tool should give you quick, current insights into a specific asset’s history and its life within your organization. With the right software, you can reconcile your inventory based on real, detailed data, and not the sometimes-hazy institutional memory we all tend to lean on.

Get Instant Reporting Information, Even On-the-Go

The need to verify inventory progress can’t always wait until you’re back at your desk. That’s why a thorough mobile inventory software solution should offer a number of reporting options, so you can verify your asset data anywhere. Scan & Validate, for example, has canned and ad hoc reports to keep your inventory rolling accurately. Just a few of the options include standard inventory, discrepancies, missing items, new items, correct items and a progress summary reports.

Comply with Greater Confidence

With so much automation, efficiency, real-time reporting and validation in your hands, using a mobile inventory management solution becomes the perfect way to better comply with GASB, OMB, GAAP and state reporting requirements. Mobile asset inventory software can help you remove the guesswork and feel more comfortable with the data you share.

Mobile inventory software can be a smart, modern choice for more streamlined processes, more accurate asset data and greater time savings.

For information on one software solution for mobile inventory, click here to learn more about Scan & Validate.

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