Meet Sylvia Kelley: AssetWorks’ Front-runner for Facts and Figures

Sylvia KelleyTwenty-six… That’s the number of years Sylvia Kelley has worked for AssetWorks. In her role as corporate accountant, Sylvia’s certainly no stranger to weighty numbers. But even in a firm where lengthy careers are quite common, Sylvia’s tenure is impressive. She joined the company back when AssetWorks was known as Valuation Resource Management and she’s been a part of its rich history of name changes, acquisitions, and growth along the way. The time, she said, simply flies.

She first came to the company courtesy of a rather unlikely networking moment. “It’s such a weird story. I had a daughter to take care of, so I was temping part-time. And in the restroom of that office building, I happened to strike up conversation with a lady there.” What began as cheerful small-talk led to information that would change Sylvia’s career path forever: the woman’s office had an open administrative position. Sylvia seized the opportunity.

Today, she typically works remotely from the living room of her Philadelphia-area home, and her days are regularly filled with a flurry of accounts receivables. But Sylvia said she ends up doing “a little bit of everything” during her workday — invoicing and bill collection, certainly, but also supporting clients with forms and account routing details, and looping in project managers when necessary. “It’s dealing with a lot of different cogs in the wheel,” she explained. “And it’s not a set routine. Anything that comes across my desk, I just handle.”

She also appreciates the interactions with clients and her colleagues. “I enjoy the people, the conference calls, and just daily interaction. I work with a number of different offices, so I’m working with a wide range of people nationwide.” And as busy as she is, she still takes time to give a little extra attention to AssetWorks customers. “When we receive payments, I send emails to clients to let them know we received payment and to add a special thank you note.  I think it adds a personal touch that seems to be missing in other companies.”

When she’s not supporting accounts at AssetWorks, Sylvia is seasoned shopper (clothes are a particular passion) and an avid reader; recently, she’s been learning more about the history and psychology behind the British Royal family. She also enjoys spending time with her own family, which includes her daughter Pauline and son-in-law Rick, and their children, Justin (20), Maya (18), Megan (13) and Caitlyn (9.).

Sylvia becomes additionally animated when she talks about music, admitting she’s “a rocker chick from back in the day.” And her favorite groups include Greta Van Fleet, AC/DC, Seether and Pearl Jam. Her voice holds a tinge of mischief as she relays how friends and family members react to her surprising taste in tunes. But that’s Sylvia. From invoice numbers to musical ones, it all adds up to one multi-layered lady and the power to bring it all together.