Meet Justin Deem: AssetWorks’ Pace Coach for Project Milestones

Justin Deem is AssetWorks’ Vice President of Appraisal Operations, overseeing company services through a financial lens, from project kickoff to completion. But it’s when he talks about his daily activities, you discover just how deftly he helps transition everyday goals for our customers into neatly-checked boxes on the project milestone chart.

It’s an attention-to-detail and a zest for getting things done that he’s cultivated over time. This March marks the 18th anniversary of Justin’s life at AssetWorks. It all came together when a friend at the company, knowing Justin was rethinking his career as a Pittsburgh racquetball club manager, suggested he apply for a valuation specialist opening at AssetWorks. “I didn’t have any idea at the time what to expect from my role as an appraiser,” Justin recalled, “but I already knew I’d be working with a good group of guys and gals, and I was excited about the opportunity.”

Justin DeemToday, Justin leverages his now-attuned appraisal knowledge to strengthen a new generation of valuation specialists. Every day, in every phase of each project, Justin has his eye on the metrics, ensuring the entire team hits their targets on the official scope of work. Before a property valuation even begins, Justin is there consulting with the sales team to ensure AssetWorks can get the project done in the proposed timeframe — and having been an appraiser himself, his knowledge in that area has become invaluable. He works with the team to ensure both company and customer goals are in proper scope and alignment. Then, once the team is in place, he helps manage the project’s budget to ensure everyone meets expectations.

“I enjoy looking at the finances on each project,” Justin said. “It’s quite the challenge to tie everything together. The schedule… The finances… Keeping the backlog of work where it needs to be… Executing a high level of work and making sure our goals are met.”

Justin has also been known to lend his colleagues a helping hand so that various phases of a project will be wrapped up on-time. Mostly recently, he’s been verifying and implementing appraisal data for two valuation specialists who are currently working at a client site. His assistance has allowed them to focus on gathering the property details they need — and check more boxes off that project milestone chart.

With 18 years at the organization, Justin has discovered many ways to bring value to AssetWorks and its customers. And he views the stability of working with one company for almost two decades as an asset. “I value myself as a loyal person. I like consistency. I like attention to detail.” Laughing, he added, “Maybe it’s to a fault that I like to have control over everything.” He likened his work to the days he played high school baseball. “It’s about controlling everything that you can within your power. Whether it’s the mechanics or the fundamentals that you learned, you have to practice. It’s the repetition, the ingrained Chevy Novahabit of controlling everything that you can control to make your part its best.”

Though Justin’s baseball days may be behind him now, he remains engaged in sporting events during his off-hours by lending support to his sons, Landon (5) and Carter (7), in their school sports teams. Justin himself is an avid fan of Pittsburgh Penguins hockey, and when he’s not following his favorite team, he’s spending time with his sons and wife, Gina, or working around his home, enjoying outdoor activities. “If the temp’s above 45 degrees, you won’t catch me in the house; I’m outside tinkering with something.” This tinkering includes one of his three beloved vintage cars: a 1971 Chevelle that was originally his father’s, a 1966 Chevy Nova that came from his father-in-law, and a 1991 Mustang that was all his own.

Whether it’s projects for work or for home, Justin keeps it all in balance, moving things forward with an eye on the details, a vision for the finish line, and a checklist for the journey.