Meet Jason Sanderford: Unlocking the Right Tools for IT’s Evolution

Jason Sanderford, AssetWorks’ new IT and Network Administrative Manager, came to the company in October 2022 with a passion for problem-solving and a quest for personal growth. In a few short months, he’s already carving this path with transformative learning opportunities and the energy to explore new solutions.

jason sanderfordThings were different back when Jason was contracted as a Senior Network Administrator at a large healthcare system. There, his work was siloed, focused on managing the infrastructure behind the scenes. Now he’s managing platforms, transitioning them to a platform-as-service model, and striving to take full advantage of today’s Cloud architecture. He’s breaking out of his comfort zone and boldly embracing the new technology.

“I believe in the ‘fail fast’ method of learning,” he explained. “That we learn the most from failure. I think we’re very conditioned and comfortable doing tasks where we know we’ll succeed. But for the most effective solutions, the first thing we should try to do is fail, look at the pieces, and then reanalyze that model. As we’re developing new solutions for our internal and external customers, I may need to implement a technology I’ve only read about. But I can create a test instance of that technology, then break it to figure out how to make that work for us in the future.”

Jason further enjoys supporting both staff and customers directly. He said, “Just earlier today, we had a client that was suddenly getting their data in the wrong format because of a change Oracle made. They needed their data immediately, so I was able to quickly throw together some code to solve their issue, without them having to make changes to their website or tech platform. I showed them how to use it and their immediate feedback was satisfying.”

Jason appreciates AssetWorks’ early trust and investment in his abilities, and he was pleased how Pittsburgh management met him in person for his input on direction for the team and its products. He also got the opportunity to attend the Volaris IT Summit, a large networking event hosted by AssetWorks’ parent company. This meeting gathered IT support from all Volaris business units to discuss priorities for the coming year and how to face challenges meeting those goals.

Drawing on so much expertise and inspiration, perhaps it’s no surprise that Jason’s project pipeline has already become full. Currently, he’s focused on shifts from Windows to Azure Web Apps, to reduce ITs footprint, deployment times, and time-to-market for AssetWorks customers. And, like every wise IT manager these days, Jason is keeping an eagle eye on security challenges. “We take a lot of the security in our digital lives for granted. We all believe we’re much more

Jason Sanderford and son Jasper

secure than we are. Yet when you study security, learn about attack methods and how organizations work, it begins to sound like paranoia. The truth is: when it comes to security, if you’re paranoid, you’re right. If you’re comfortable, there’s probably something important you don’t know about.”

When Jason’s not at AssetWorks, solving customer conundrums and besting cybercriminals, he enjoys being at home, spending quality time with his two-year-old son, Jasper. But it’s at the end of the day, with Jasper soundly snoozing in Dreamland, that Jason steals a little time for himself via gaming. Currently, his top choices are the card game Magic: The Gathering and action role-playing games like Path of Exile and The Last Epoch. True to Jason’s introspective nature, he knows just why they intrigue him: he like games with a lot of “creative space” and options to solve complex and difficult problems.

It’s hard not to recognize the overlap of his favorite game processes with his current IT ones. It seems that, since October, Jason’s been unlocking the tools for IT’s evolution, one-by-one. With this winning combination, he’s taking applications and platforms to the next level, saving customers time and trouble along the way.

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