Meet Amanda Trueman: Building New Foundations in the Lone Star State

When Amanda Trueman came to AssetWorks in mid-January of 2020, she had an eye for architecture and a thirst for change. She had been working in a property preservation organization, managing the vendors who clean and winterize foreclosed homes, to ensure the properties were in tip-top condition until Amanda Truemanthe bank could resell them. But Amanda longed for a more challenging work-life. That was when she discovered an open Valuation Associate position here at AssetWorks Risk Management in Pittsburgh, PA. She realized the job would let her leverage her knowledge about buildings and building maintenance but combine it with the adventure of travel. It seemed like the perfect fit.

Soon Amanda was immersed in training, and from the start, it was very hands-on. “I remember going out and ‘appraising’ the buildings by our office. We went around using the measuring wheel to collect building perimeters,” she said with a chuckle.

Next, she accompanied veteran appraisers on real customer valuations, traveling to client building sites to experience the role in-action. “I always enjoy seeing different kinds of buildings, and it’s cool that as an appraiser, you get to examine rooms that very few people get to enter. I’ve been in everything from Masonic temples to morgues — many of which have been converted into county buildings. And it’s exciting getting to enter these spaces that the average person normally doesn’t get to see.”

One of the first weeks she was on the road, their work at a park afforded her a park ranger-supervised visit with a black bear who did tricks and was fond of peanut butter. Not something she would have predicted during a valuation of buildings and property-in-the-open! But the memorable experience was a pleasant bonus.

Amanda Trueman and family

Now that she’s been with the company for over two years, her typical days are still never typical. She said, “Monday morning, I might be catching a plane to meet a client for kickoff, to talk about their SOVs and get to know them. But sometimes, I might have multiple clients in a day, and spend it in the field, measuring buildings, doing building walkthroughs, and capturing property details. I make sure to ask the client a lot of questions, so I’m certain I get the information I need. Then I might head back to the hotel, to determine the flood zones, plot buildings, and ensure I’ve captured the right property pictures. And if I’m not on the road, I might be doing data imports and exports on the backend, getting it all into AMP.” For Amanda, it’s never a dull moment.

Especially now that Amanda has been promoted to a new role within AssetWorks, as the Western Region Appraisal Team Lead. By mid-April, Amanda and Valuation Associate Tyler Testa will be opening a new office in San Antonio, Texas. This branch has been designed to help serve AssetWorks’ growing client list in that state, as well as support our current valuation team in California.

Ollie the Collie

Amanda’s currently balancing packing up her Pittsburgh apartment with continued work travel, and preparing to lay a new foundation in the Lone Star State. She admits that the lengthened proximity from her mother, sister, and dog Ollie will be an adjustment. But since travel is such second nature to her these days, they all feel assured they can make it work.

Amanda and her mother have already gone down to scope out the city, get their bearings, and secure Amanda’s new apartment. And Amanda herself is excited about San Antonio’s possibilities. She enjoys running, so the city promises fresh trails to explore. “San Antonio’s really expanding. There’s a ton of shopping and things to do and,” she added, true to form, “they have really great architecture!”

By next month at this time, Amanda will be in Texas, on her way to fortify her spirit of adventure, her eye for detail, and her appreciation of the obscure and historic. It’s the right cornerstone for AssetWorks’ new San Antonio branch and Amanda Trueman’s continued valuation journey.

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