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IWMS & Facilities Management Success Stories

Technology plays a vital role in reaching your goals. We are proud to play a role in our customers’ successes. Their stories are testaments to the strong partnership formed with every customer.

What we encountered with iDesk was a dramatic decrease in paperwork. Looking at how much time was spent printing, how much was spent on paper, trips to and from plant operations to pick up paperwork, lost or forgotten paperwork, wasted trips to the warehouse, and data entry, we calculated that iDesk paid for itself in 4.6 months and increased data accuracy two-fold.
A surprising feature of AiM was how well thought-out the platform was. Compared to our previous solution, AiM is very developed and robust. Anything that we thought about during the original deployment, there was already a mechanism in place that supported it. It was just a matter of setting up our data to mimic that structure.
As a web based enterprise solution, the ability to deploy AiM across the university across multiple platforms was a breeze. Gaining visibility on our productivity, and training hours, as well as access to work orders and vital building information from anywhere on campus has been priceless.
Michael O’Connor, Appalachian State University

IWMS Case Studies & Success Stories


The Power of IWMS

Originally established as Florida Technological University in June 1963 and situated just 11 miles from downtown Orlando, The University of Central Florida (UCF) has quickly grown from a small commuter college to become one of the largest research universities in the America.


Energy Management and Higher Education A case study in billing and cost allocation

Large college campuses are essentially small cities. Providing service for thousands of students and faculty, campuses are major consumers of energy. We'll follow the efforts of two large universities to curtail energy consumption, validate utility billing, and allocate organizational costs.

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