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ReADY Self-Service for Online Facility Work Requests

ReADY Request is an easy-to-use, online application for your customers to request facility services.

ReADY Request not only provides a simple way for your customers to submit and track facility service requests, it also automates the workflow for those requests, bringing a new level of efficiency to your facility operations. ReADY Request improves communication between the requester, the facilities department, and technicians in the field (via Go mobile apps). Service requests become clearer, communication nears real-time, and everyone remains in the loop as work is planned, scheduled and executed.

With ReADY Request helping standardize and streamline business processes, supervisors can be confident that proper authorizations and funding have been provided before work begins. ReADY Request also ensures your technicians have the information they need to be as effective as possible, resulting in better customer service and greater efficiencies all around.

Your Challenges

  • Your customers are frustrated by the process for obtaining facility services and demand more transparency into ongoing and backlogged work.

  • You want workflows that are lightweight, but also complex enough to handle the intricacies of security and funding concerns.

  • Your customers want more two-way communication, not just email updates on status changes.

  • You don’t have a service request solution that is natively connected to your AiM instance.

  • You need a solution that requires minimal training and can be used by everyone in your organization, not just a few power-users.

Our Solution

  • An online system which provides your customers a self-service way to submit and track work requests.

  • Fully-integrated solution eliminates paperwork and redundant data entry, resulting in more accurate information.

  • Configurable workflows save considerable time, money, and frustration by standardizing, streamlining, and ensuring compliance with your most complex business processes.

  • Easy-to-use application leads to more empowered users and less unreported problems that fall through the cracks.

  • The ability for requestors to attach photos communicates a wealth of information. More accurate requests equate to more efficient responses.

  • End-to-end automation improves communication, eliminates bottlenecks, and results in better customer service.

  • Eliminating separate/siloed systems reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO).


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