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IWMS & Facility Management Solutions for Colleges & Universities

A solution purpose-built for the needs of institutions of higher education

Our software helps you:

  • Manage internal departmental fund transfers and “chargebacks”

  • More efficiently manage research-based space needs, going beyond rote occupancy to include grants, functional utilization, and principal investigators

  • Manage long-term asset management lifecycle capital renewal, including prioritization and execution of projects

  • Improve resource utilization, including better work control, facilities and administrative (F&A) cost recovery, and internal cost allocation

  • Boost productivity and efficiency by increasing “wrench time” and eliminating paperwork

  • Improve information tracking and communication, enabling campus decision-makers to prioritize investments and perform long-term strategic planning


  • Photo by Alyson McPhee on Unsplash

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Although universities have become more data-driven, they often still lack a fundamental tool that ties operational and executive groups together to increase visibility, transparency and accountability. Integrated Workplace Management Systems from AssetWorks provide the business logic and technical infrastructure to fill this critical “missing link.” It is “ERP for everything else,” enabling institutions of higher education to manage their second largest balance sheet item: their real estate portfolio.

Our IWMS features a fully integrated facility and asset management platform.

We manage what you manage: Property, Plant and Equipment.

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