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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software

Enterprise Asset Management Software - EAMWhat is enterprise asset management software | EAM?

Enterprise asset management software – also known as EAM – supports the lifecycle management of physical resources at your facilities. EAM computer software makes it easy for everyone within your organization to view available assets, assess their condition, and understand the inventory and buildings under your care.

Managing assets through their entire lifecycle, EAM software tracks your organization’s equipment through all phases – from design to decommissioning or replacement.

The stages of an asset or building’s lifecycle management for enterprise asset management software include:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Decommissioning or replacement

Why do you need an EAM at your organization?

We’re glad you asked.

Enterprise asset management enables your facilities to operate at unsurpassed levels of efficiency. By optimizing the full life cycle of your resources, everyone across your organization can readily see and understand the state of any given asset within your facilities.

With EAM you can:

  • Easily institute proactive and preventive maintenance measures
  • Fully understand the cost associated with an individual asset
  • Provide transparency within your organization
  • Maximize the life of your resources
  • Understand which assets need to be replaced or are nearing end of life
  • Reduce life cycle costs through proactive maintenance
  • Build detailed, accurate reports
  • Analyze work history
  • Understand the effectiveness of work performed
  • Accurately track asset maintenance
  • Increase sustainability by prolonging useful life of assets

However, enterprise asset management isn’t just about maintenance!

Improve your department’s processes (and decrease costs) by accurately tracking the resources in your organization in a centralized system with enterprise asset management software.

We’re here to help you manage the assets under your care.

AiM helps enterprise asset management professionals like you address daily challenges on your campus.

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