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AiM Energy Management

Track, analyze, manage and report on energy consumption and allocate utility costs using a single tool with our energy management software

AiM Energy Management leverages a unique feature set that enables organizations to identify energy inefficiencies and squeeze greater savings from their current energy management program by blending energy management and feature-rich business intelligence in a single, fully-integrated package.

AiM Energy software helps you:

  • Rapidly assess patterns, problems and opportunities in energy consumption data

  • Improve visibility with a window into utility, energy, operating and sustainability programs

  • Promote transparency, making energy cost and consumption data available to virtually anyone

  • Foster accountability, providing independent measurement and verification that is “managed” by internal staff

  • Become more efficient and more self-sustaining with effective utility bill management software

Energy Rate Generation

Watch Bob’s challenges with calculating energy rates and how he overcomes these!

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The new low-hanging fruit is not all equipment replacement – but more informed management.

-- Chadd Currier, Director of Performance Solutions, BCS
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The Electric Apocalypse!

In this lighthearted video, we look at the “energy monsters” that are lurking, looting and lifting your energy bills because you lack a unified system to track energy usage.

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