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Energy Management Software

AssetWorks provides world-class energy and utility cost allocation software solutions for public sector organizations with robust facility portfolios.

Energy Management SoftwareEnergy Management Software is an incredible tool that helps energy managers at large organizations to analyze consumption by building, identify opportunities to reduce costs, and drive overall energy efficiency and sustainability goals. An energy management system helps utility and energy managers gather utility bills and usage data from various sources, allocate energy costs to entities or departments within the organization, benchmark the efficiency of buildings, target areas to improve energy efficiency and more.

AssetWorks is pleased to offer a leading solution to some of the largest colleges and universities, cities and counties, and government agencies in North America. As part of our comprehensive integrated workplace management system, our solution benefits from also having data on maintenance and distribution costs for utility-related equipment, which helps organizations capture the true cost of energy.

We provide solutions you can bank on as a director of utilities, energy manager or utilities billing specialist. We understand the goals you’ve been tasked with, and the challenges you face in achieving them including:

  • Inability to capture the true cost of utilities, including distribution and maintenance
  • Multi-vendor and home-grown energy management solutions are cumbersome and poorly integrated
  • Meter hierarchies, locations served and associated accounts are difficult to set up and maintain
  • Internal energy rates and invoices are difficult to calculate, generate and troubleshoot
  • Struggles to benchmark usage by building and prioritize energy efficiency projects

That’s a daunting list. 

AiM from AssetWorks is your intelligent solution to these problems and much more.

AiM helps utility and energy management professionals like you address daily challenges on your campus.

Energy Rate Generation

Watch Bob’s challenges with calculating energy rates and how he overcomes these!

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