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AiM Capital Planning and Project Management (CPPM)

Balance capital priorities with fiscal constraints and track projects to the minutest detail

As part of a broader Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), AiM’s Capital Planning and Project Management (CPPM) software seamlessly integrates with an extensive range of facilities management tools under a single, unified software platform.

AiM CPPM manages capital projects from the owner’s perspective by helping increase financial control and accountability, reduce risk through improved regulatory compliance, streamline capital planning and project management processes to reduce CAPEX and improve rates of return from capital investments. AiM’s capital project management software addresses complex financial budgeting, workflow and contract processes along with the drawings, RFls, submittals and correspondence that are integral to project management. With AiM, organizations can also track and manage their sustainability goals, leverage COBie, and plan and execute capital projects more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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AiM CPPM software helps you:

  • Maintain detailed information on appropriations and allocations from multiple funding sources

  • Handle potential and actual issues (from identification to proposed change order to change order) and associate issues with RFIs and meeting minutes

  • Manage consultant contracts and contract amendments and tie them to budget components, including invoicing against contracts

  • Track construction contracts by budget line item

  • Gain complete visibility to all issues, submittals, RFIs, commission plans, change proposals, change directives, architect’s supplemental instructions, change orders, applications for payment and punch lists

  • Become your trusted capital project management software solution.

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...all this information helps us make decisions when we build new buildings--how to use different equipment and how to organize buildings differently.

- David Norvell, Former AVP for Facilities at the University of Central Florida
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What’s the current state of capital program management?

In this informative infographic, a micro-poll of industry experts and building owners reveals what the industry is telling us about capital programs today and what it means for the future of capital planning and project management.

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