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Capital Planning and Project Management Software

Capital Planning and Project Management Software you can count on. AssetWorks provides world-class software solutions for public sector organizations with robust facility portfolios.

capital project management software, capital planning and project management software CPPM planning project managementCapital Planning and Project Management (CPPM) Software is an essential tool for capital planners, directors of design and construction, and project managers at large organizations to plan and manage the construction of new facilities as well as facility renovations. CPPM systems help managers with capital planning, budgeting and funding, bidding and procurement, tracking project costs, scheduling, project documentation and much more.

AssetWorks provides its leading CPPM solution to some of the largest colleges and universities, cities and counties, and government agencies in North America. Capital planning and project management capabilities are just part of our integrated workplace management system, which provides robust software tools for managing your organization’s facilities life cycle.

We understand the demands of your job, and the challenges you face including:

  • A lack of visibility and reporting across your portfolio of capital projects
  • Delays that arise when construction project documentation is routed for review
  • Extremely difficult to manage all the colors of money for complex projects with multiple funding sources
  • Reliance on multiple, disparate systems to manage the capital project lifecycle
  • Poor coordination between construction project managers and operations groups

That’s a daunting list. We’ve designed our Capital Planning and Project Management Software to help facilities professionals like you with these challenges.

AiM from AssetWorks is your intelligent solution to these problems and much more. Our Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) offers facility management departments an integrated end-to-end software solution, including automation for capital planning and project management.

AiM helps capital planning and construction project management professionals like you address daily challenges on your campus.

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Whether in a meeting or on a job site, with a customer or a project team member, Go has helped us out. The questions have always been there, the difference now is we have immediate access to the answers. Go CPPM has been a game changer for our entire design and construction team.

-- Mitch Walley, Director of Construction Management, Auburn University
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