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AiM Options

Enhance AiM with additional functionality

Offering the right blend of functionality and usability, your organization will benefit from AiM options that make your facility more flexible and productive, and that’s good for your bottom line.

AiM Addons

Assessment and Needs Analysis Module

ANA Facility Management SoftwareAssessment and Needs Analysis takes a modern approach to the traditional facilities condition assessment.  While the traditional FCA key metric was the FCI (Facility Condition Index) which was the deferred maintenance divide by the current replacement costs, it only gave us a picture of where we were, now more than ever organizations are looking forward into the future and strategically planning for not only the deficiencies in their portfolios but also planning for their major asset life-cycle events – focusing on the key metric of Facility Condition Needs Index.  As module of a fully integrated workplace management solution, no longer is the assessment data a binder on a shelf or silo application that only get attention a few times year but rather integrated to the work management and project management modules linking the needs to the actions organically.

AiM Assessment & Needs Analysis (ANA) Datasheet

AiM Asset Rental Module

Rental Facility Management SoftwareYour Work Management solution should not only track your labor, material and contract costs, but also the cost of the tools and other assets that you utilize in the coarse of getting work done.  You need to be able to plan to use your rent-able assets and many of the assets need to be able to support more than a just a simple single rate, but complex duration rates, usage rates, flat fees and more.  With AiM Asset Rental you can capture all your asset costs.

AiM Asset Rental Datasheet

COBie (Construction Operations Building information exchange) Module

Facility Management SoftwareAt one time when a construction project finished, the maintenance team got a pallet of paper containing all the manuals, specifications etc for the equipment that just got installed in the new building or renovation, then someone had to painstakingly enter all that equipment data into a system and then link to preventive maintenance, etc. Now that BIM has become a preferred method of integrated project delivery, the paper is gone and the maintenance organization should be able to leverage the data collected in BIM.  COBie (Construction Operations Building information exchange) provides a standardized method for the hand-off of construction data to the operations team.  3 days of data entry to 3 minutes.

AiM COBie Datasheet

AiM Capital Planning and Project Management

Facility Management SoftwareAiM Capital Planning and Project Management provides the software tools for facility owners to manage the project, financials, product budget, project dates, cash-flow as well as all of the bid management, contracts, change process, documents and accounts payable.  All of this in an integrated solution that is seamlessly connected to the maintenance and operation functionality so that you can track your internal trades labor and material directly to a project, without an interface or those users having to use separate systems.

AiM Capital Planning & Project Management (CPPM) Datasheet

AiM Energy Management

Energy Facility Management SoftwareWith AiM Energy Management track all your utility/service provider bills, identify billing errors through meter management and allocate those the utility costs to the appropriate cost centers/customers.  Utilize the centralized utility cost, meter consumption and demand data coupled with weather data and data from the integrated solution such as organization occupancy, building details and more to do month over month and year over year analysis of your facilities portfolio with rich, dynamic, interactive dashboards and analytics.

AiM Energy Management (EM) Datasheet

AiM GIS Module

GIS Facility Management SOftwareAiM’s GIS offering isn’t a replacement for your existing GIS investments, it is designed to leverage and extend those investments as part of an integrated solution.  Through consumption of standard web services, WMS (Web Map Service) and WFS (Web Feature Service), now you can use your maps and their rich layers to navigate visually from the map to your facility and asset detail records, from the record see it highlighted on the map, do data searches and have the results display graphically on your map.

AiM GIS Datasheet

AiM Green and Sustainability Module

Green Facility Management SoftwareAs your organization continues to strive and set goals to be good stewards of the environment, preserve natural resource and build sustainable facilities you must set sustainable organization goals, and track your performance to those goals.  With the AiM Green and Sustainability module you can set those goals and then link your work activities to those goals so that you have a center of truth for your organization.

AiM Green & Sustainability Datasheet

AiM Environmental and Health Safety module

Health and Safety Facility Management SoftwareThe AiM Environmental and Health Safety module is focused on tracking your hazardous materials.  Whether those materials are building based such as Asbestos and Lead or containerized caustic agents or refrigerants, you need to track the materials, where it is, how much of it you have, how you used it and how you disposed of it. With the AiM integrated workplace management solution you can track your hazardous materials, link disposition to work management activities and leverage your existing facilities inventory portfolio.

AiM Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Datasheet

AiM Key and Access Control module

Key Access Facility Management SoftwareWith the AiM Key and Access Control module you are building on the existing facilities inventory but now can track at greater detail with the doors and locks that provide access to locations, the keys that will grant access to the locations and the transactional management of the access request, key release and hopefully the key return.  Be able to run reports to answer any of the critical access questions, respond to public safety queries and even leverage the AiMCAD integration to graphically present the data directly on floor-plans.

AiM Key & Access Control Datasheet

AiM Lease Management Module

Lease Agreement Facility Management SoftwareWith the AiM Lease Management module you leverage the existing facilities inventory and now can track all the pertinent information for both Payable and Receivable leases.  Support for complex payment details for leases that cover not just months or years but decades, link all your electronic records right to the lease transactions eliminating paper and allow the system to alert you of key dates to take action and exit expensive unceasing leases, exercise options to eliminate costs or increase your rates to generate more revenue.

AiM Lease Management Datasheet

AiM Operations and Maintenance

Operations and MaintenanceThe AiM Operations and Maintenance functionality has all the features you would expect from any CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) such as work order creation/management, preventive maintenance, inventory control, planning and scheduling, procurement for materials and services, time tracking and more.  All this as well as robust financials for all your job cost tracking needs, ready to integrate directly to your centralized financial, human resources, student and purchasing systems.

AiM Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Datasheet

Real Estate and Property Management Module

Real Estate Property ManagementReal Estate and Property Management. Just like all buildings need to start with a solid foundation, your integrated workplace management solution needs a solid foundation based on a robust facilities inventory or property management.  You can track all the details for all your facilities and their locations, know how many offices, conference room, labs, closets, etc. that you have as well as what resources service those locations, and the ability to exchange data directly with AutoCAD.

AiM Real Estate & Property Management Datasheet

AiM Space Management Module

Space Facility Management SoftwareWith the AiM Space Management module, you are able to build on your facilities inventory, tracking not just what you have but how it is utilized.  Detail tracking for organizational occupancy with support for complex splits, functional usage by organization, tracking programs and research grants, principal investigators as well as employee/occupants.  You don’t want to have to manage all this data yourself, you can crowd-source the data management with space surveys while still retaining oversight and control as well as analyze all of your space management visually from the browser as well as directly in AutoCAD.

AiM Space Management Datasheet

AiM Work Order Estimating Module

Facility Management SoftwareWhile most of your staff can provide an order of magnitude estimate for many of your most common jobs, often your customers request projects and renovations that require a detailed line estimate to move forward.  The AiM Work Order Estimating module allows you to develop your own cost books or to leverage industry standard cost books that can be licensed and loaded for usage out of the box.  As your job scope changes, so can your estimate(s) linking directly to the work order management with no interface back and forth.

AiM Work Order Estimating Datasheet

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