What can Energy Management Software Really do for You?

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Energy management software helps you monitor real-time energy data – and avoid costly mistakes.

Energy management data allows you to proactively manage your organization’s energy consumption, based on accurate information and use patterns. By gathering usage details and normalizing the data, you can make data-driven decisions based on historic information.

Data normalization leads to accurate record keeping. When you normalize energy data, there are a few factors to normalize for (learn more about energy data normalization here).

In short, normalization offers a detailed look into how your organization uses energy, and paints a clear picture of the average energy consumption within the facilities you manage.

With energy management software, you can normalize your energy use data for factors such as:

Ultimately, accurate energy data puts you in control.

Accurate data allows you to address specific issues within your facilities. For example, analyzing data can allow you to see an energy spike in a classroom during hours it’s unoccupied. This information allows you to get to the root of the energy spike and equips you to take measures to reduce energy spend in that particular area.

Energy management software collects, processes, and formats data frequently, giving you access to the best possible information about energy use on your campus. This energy management data provides the details necessary to make intelligent energy decisions for your organization.

Energy management data allows you to manage energy use and expenses.

Data provides a clear path for developing a strategy for energy efficiency and cost reduction within your organization.

Some of the strategies you can form with data include:

  • Peak demand reduction strategies
  • Load shifting/demand limiting systems
  • Systems to detect improper set points early
  • Detection of schedule misalignments.

To learn more about the power of data normalization and energy management software for your organization, check out our ebook: Energy Data Normalization: Measuring Performance to Reduce Costs in Higher Education.

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