Announcing: AssetWorld Innovation and Achievement Award Winners

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At AssetWorld 2018, the AssetWorks family had the honor of recognizing two outstanding groups for their work in the field of facilities management.

The innovation and achievement awards are the most prestigious awards offered by AssetWorks, and it’s our honor to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of remarkable facilities professionals.

But, before we tell you about the winners of this year’s awards, here’s a bit about the Innovation Award.

The AssetWorld Innovation Award recognizes an individual or organization that has been truly innovative in maximizing their AssetWorks suite of products.

Innovation Award recipients are recognized for applying new and transformative approaches that push the boundaries of AiM’s capabilities. They go beyond simply functioning as users and demonstrate visionary leadership in leveraging their IWMS as a fully-integrated business solution.

At AssetWorld 2018, we were thrilled to award the AssetWorks Innovation Award to the State of Wyoming General Services Department.

In recent years, they’ve transformed their entire organization. And, given the scope of all they manage, this was no small task.  

This began when several departments were combined into one – forming the General Services Division which provides essential services to support the operations of the Wyoming state government.

In managing the public schools sector alone, the General Services Department  oversees 170 capital projects and 1,400 structures in 48 school districts in a 400 x 400-mile area.

Soon, the department  will also take on a new 140 million dollar project that encompasses two healthcare campuses. This will involve managing 203,635 square feet of renovation and new construction on one campus, and 347,379 square feet of demolition, renovation, and new construction on a second campus.

Impressed yet? That’s a total of 551,014 square feet and 42 buildings.

The construction division covers an impressive 5 million square feet of state-owned space spread across 11 departments and 16 cities – with an annual maintenance budget of 13 million dollars.

If that isn’t enough, this General Services team is in the process of implementing an enterprise-wide deployment of AiM that includes Capital Planning and Project Management in a multitenant environment.

In presenting the Innovation Award,  we not only celebrated this team’s gumption as they take on massive budgets and projects, but also their innovative use of AiM to control their various undertakings. Recently, they’ve leveraged AiM in powerful ways to meet the needs of their organization.

They’re using AiM to manage consultant invoices, payment applications, and direct expenses as well as contract management.

Please join us in celebrating a year of monumental innovation and outstanding work for the State of Wyoming General Services Division.

And, now, this brings us to the winners of the AssetWorld Achievement Award.


The AssetWorld Achievement Award recognizes outstanding accomplishments in facilities and workplace management.

With this award, we celebrate the use or innovative technologies or best practices that improve AssetWorks suite of products. The Achievement Award is the highest honor AssetWorks bestows on a customer each year.  

We presented this year’s achievement award to the University of Massachusetts Medical School facilities team– an organization that has pushed their facilities department to new heights, and we’re incredibly proud of all they’ve accomplished.

The University of Massachusetts Medical team is not only using AiM in new and innovative ways, but they also performed an intensive health check of their system.

After reviewing these numbers, the team at UMass Medical decided to take the brave strategy of a complete reimplementation of their existing modules -along with implementing a handful of new modules. They’ve now turned it into a healthy, vibrant system which is continuing to grow.

At the same time, they are moving from a self-hosted environment to using  AssetWorks as their host. Along the way, they are re-examining and streamlining all of their processes.

This process is a huge undertaking. However, it’s providing them the opportunity to become one of the most cutting-edge facilities management teams in their region.

Not only does the UMass facilities team support outstanding achievements in facilities management, but their organization brings cutting-edge advances to the medical field. This group supports a team who are committed to enhancing the health of our local and global communities through patient care, research, and education.

We’re profoundly proud to name The University of Massachusetts Medical School our  2018 Achievement Award winner. As a team of facilities professionals they not only demonstrate excellence in their own right but also support a world-changing medical facility.

We’re incredibly proud of the 2018 Innovation and Achievement Award winners. Keep up the grand work.

  • Photo by Alyson McPhee on Unsplash

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