10 Ways To Ensure The Success Of Your Next Inventory Project

There are many advantages to working with a third party for fixed asset inventories and reconciliations. So, whether you already have one scheduled or are looking to have one done in the near future, we’ve compiled a list from our experts (the boots on the ground) of 10 ways to ensure your next inventory project goes off without a hitch.

  1. Communication, communication, communication!
    We always do our best to communicate well with our clients. However, if you ever feel like you need more information from us, we believe you can never ask too many questions. Ask us anything and everything. Be sure to take advantage of the kick-off meeting to gain a deeper understanding of our processes.
  2. Gaining access to asset locations is critical.
    To conduct a proper inventory, we need access. Whether you provide a master key or a personal escort, greater access can mean greater inventory results.
  3. “Who is this guy?” Be sure to let everyone know we are coming.
    Send out a communication to your entire staff letting them know we’ll be onsite conducting a physical inventory of your fixed assets. This can help with access as well as putting everyone at ease.
  4. Provide us with your current data.
    From spreadsheets to a robust database, any data you have can be used to improve the inventory process. If you have them, some helpful lists to bring to the kick-off meeting include: current inventory data, licensed vehicles, movable assets (e.g. laptops), and/or inventory exceptions.
  5. Provide us with a map or blue prints of the building(s).
    Having a map or bluepints will allow us to navigate our way around easier and ensure we don’t overlook anything.

As you can see, communication is really the key to success. Check back next week to see the next five ways to ensure your onsite inventory goes smoothly.

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