Inventory Rx

Is a mobile inventory solution the cure for your asset management headache?

Mobile inventory solutions, through the use of handheld scanners or tablets and corresponding bar code or RFID tags, can enable you to quickly capture and track information on all of your assets while in the field. This includes the ability to reconcile data such as location, condition, asset information, and more.  Below are a few ways implementing a mobile inventory solution can better equip you to manage and maintain your organization’s assets.

Optimize Your Process:
Mobile inventory solutions can increase the efficiency of your employees by allowing them to reconcile asset information in the field. By eliminating manual input, your organization may also experience improved data accuracy.

Keep your Asset Data Up-To-Date:
Many mobile inventory solutions can act as an extension of your current system. After updating asset information in the field, data can be synced back to your master asset management database. The ease of importing and exporting data makes validating inventory throughout the year possible.

Improve Transparency:
After asset records are updated in the field, user defined roles and approval processes, provide greater insight into asset information and internal asset management practices. Coupled with a complete auditable history, this transparency allows you to improve organizational policies and better comply with State and Federal regulations.

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