How intelligent parking solutions can transform event parking

Intelligent parking solutions can make the difference between stressful and successful events on campus. 

From football games to graduations, special events bring an influx of visitors on campus. These events create a logistical nightmare for parking on campus.

Visitors need timely, accurate access to the information and services. As a parking manager, the logistics of special events cause you to break into a cold sweat.

Special events don’t have to be the fodder for your recurring nightmares.

It’s time to embrace parking technology.

Intelligent parking solutions communicate parking information to staff, easing parking woes during events. Parking staff can access parking availability updates, and direct traffic accordingly.

Equip parking staff with real-time parking information.

Intelligent parking solutions equip your parking staff to help visitors find parking. This eliminates without endless circling of lots or the temptation of illegal parking.

Mobile parking management software informs event staff of parking availability in real time. This allows them to direct commuters to empty lots, easing frustration for both event staff and attendees.

Real-time mobile information allows you to:

  • Easily post lot status updates
  • Generate reports showing historical data and trending
  • Include map information
  • Provide a mobile-optimized experience
  • Aid rapid parking decisions based on lot status

Ultimately, equipping your parking staff for success creates a positive experience for everyone. Staff have the tools they need to help commuters. Commuters avoid the frustrating search for parking. This eliminates one of the most frustrating aspects of event attendance.

The better the parking experience, the greater the odds of repeat parking customers. An investment in parking solutions can result in increased revenue from parking fees.