Infographic: Your ELD Mandate Cheat Sheet

ELD Mandate facts and figures explainedSince the FMCSA published its Final Rule regarding electronic logging devices, also known as the ELD Mandate, in December 2015, motor carrier operators, drivers and other fleet professionals have been inundated with facts and figures regarding compliance. With everyone talking about the mandate, it’s challenging to filter out the noise and focus on the aspects that will affect your job sooner rather than later.

During a typical day, you don’t have time to read through multiple articles just to find the answers to your basic electronic logging device questions:

  • What is the timeline for compliance with the mandate?
  • What do I need to keep on-board my vehicle?
  • What does my electronic logging device have to do in order to comply?

In this infographic, Your ELD Mandate Cheat Sheet, you’ll find the answers to all of these questions and more- all in one, easy location. With this cheat sheet infographic in your truck or in the back office, you’ll never need to search for quick answers again.

View and download the full infographic here.


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