More Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Surplus Warehouse

In a previous post, we suggested 3 ways to increase traffic to your surplus warehouse. Since more visitors can mean more sales and greater asset turnover, this is generally a top priority for surplus property managers everywhere. So beyond providing good information, increasing communication, and building relationships, we think it’s time to get out there!

It might sound counter intuitive but by leaving your warehouse, you just might convince more people to come check it out. Here are a few of our ideas for how you can get the word out around campus this Fall.

Set up a Table in the Student Union
It’s not often that the surplus department is located in the heart of campus. Take an opportunity to put yourself there but reserving some space in the student union for a few days. Have information on hand about your facility and the surplus items available. If you have the room, showcase some items in their original or refurbished forms.

Participate in Activity Fairs
When students head back to school, it’s common for campuses to host student involvement fairs. If they will welcome your participation, this is a good chance to highlight how students can take advantage of surplus deals for furnishing dorm rooms or apartments and securing office supplies.

Join in the Homecoming Fun
If your school has a homecoming parade, why not sign up? We think the Surplus Bike Brigade has a nice ring to it. It’s just one more chance to gain some name recognition on campus and within the local community as well as show some extra support for the school.

Is your surplus operation highly involved on campus? What activities have you participated in? Let us know ( so we can help spread the word to others trying to make a difference.

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