Three Ways To Improve Traffic To Your Surplus Warehouse

As Colleges and Universities across the country continue to focus on sustainability and “zero waste,” effective Surplus Property Departments are critical. While finding ways to bring more items into the Surplus Warehouse is important, going hand-in-hand with that is finding new ways to promote their redistribution and reuse. Here are three ways to encourage more people to visit your surplus warehouse…

Provide Good Information
To better support the shopping behaviors of today’s consumer, we suggest posting the contents of your surplus warehouse online, allowing eligible buyers to see what’s available before making a trip to your facility. Implementing user friendly software solutions can turn this process from a hassle into a simple business process that shoppers are sure to love.

Increase Communication
Being affiliated with a College or University gives your Surplus Property Department a competitive advantage that most local stores don’t have – easy ways to reach your target audience of faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members. Leverage media such as the student newspaper and the school’s social media sites to promote your warehouse.

If sustainability is a big item on the University agenda, the student newspaper might be willing to write a story on the topic, featuring your facility. Also, while your Facebook page might have several hundred “likes,” the University page might have several thousand or several hundred thousand. Talk to someone about promoting your warehouse and inventory through the College’s social media sites – it may get you more “likes,” more “followers” and more visitors.

Build Relationships
Partner with other departments on campus and local businesses to promote your Surplus Property Warehouse. The Theater Department, Art Department, or Architecture Department could probaby make good use of some of the items you have available and a local business selling craft or home improvement supplies might be willing to come in and do a demonstration on how to take an old desk and give it new life.

Those are a few of our thoughts. Now, we’d love to hear from you. How do you generate traffic to your surplus warehouse? Contact us at to share.

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