Hollywood’s Biggest Plot Twist: Fleet Management in Film

Is there anything better than getting wrapped up in a great movie? Before you know it, you’re eating handful-after-handful of popcorn and glaring at the person next to you whenever they have the audacity to text during the flick.

An escape from everyday life is nice from time to time, even for those working in the fleet industry; however, do you ever think about how some plot lines in major Hollywood blockbusters would be considered totally preposterous in fleet? With the fleet management software solutions available today, some of the problems plaguing protagonists in movies simply wouldn’t exist in the real world.

If the film industry considered today’s fleet management software solutions, how would past, present and future movies change? (Warning: spoilers ahead!)

fleet management in film

While the many advancements in technology the fleet industry has made over the years are impressive, they wouldn’t make for a very exciting movie!

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