eQuip: Asset Tracking for Government Contractors2020-07-21T13:58:47-04:00

Take Your Tracking Technology To The Next Level

eQuip Asset Tracking Software is an easy-to-use, cloud-based asset management platform that offers a better way for government contractors to keep track of physical assets and government property.

Whether you’re tracking in a single office, or keeping tabs on your GFP (government furnished property) across multiple countries, eQuip has the tools you need to easily track and manage your assets.

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We needed eQuip for physical tracking of government property. We have government property in three different locations, plus a couple of off-site testing locations, and a couple of sub-contractors…It was just an impossible task to try to track [the government property].

Ilona Isaacs, Contracts, Government Property Specialist, Ultra 3PI

Ditch the speadsheets

Save yourself from the constant headache of asset data spread across different systems and documents. Keep your data in one central database with universal asset data types.

eQuip’s cloud-based database makes it easy to locate specific assets and their owners. Instantly search for assets and create reports to get a handle on exactly where your assets are, any time.

Instant reporting

Stop emailing back and forth waiting for someone to send you that vital report. With eQuip, you can create that report yourself, quickly and easily.

Use pre-canned reports or create them ad hoc. Create, generate, and export the data you need, exactly when you need it.

Cloud-based simplicity

No need to bring the IT department in to install eQuip. When you choose the Software as a Service option, your asset data is kept safely in the cloud. A cloud-based system means you can track and manage your assets from any system without having to install bulky software. Just access from any modern browser!

We take care of hosting everything for you, so you can focus on what really matters. You’ll also always have access to the latest version of eQuip, with no need to perform manual upgrades.

Adapt instantly

As an efficient team, you constantly fine-tune your processes and goals. You need an asset tracking solution that can adapt as you do.

eQuip has the flexibility to meet your unique tracking needs, even when they change. Configure new reports and workflows yourself, or work with our dedicated team to create exactly what fits your process.

Save on hardware

A lean operation cuts on waste wherever it is. To be effective, your team saves on unnecessary spending as much as possible. This can include dedicated scanners, which can be powerful but costly.

There’s no expensive hardware required to work with eQuip. Just use your computer’s browser to run reports and edit assets. When it’s time for an inventory audit, grab a smartphone! Scan barcodes with the mobile scanner app.

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