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Save Your Team Hours on Inventory Audits

Performing inventory audits often means shutting everything down and looking for each asset by hand. If you have human-readable tags, your team has to use even more time on each asset, losing you valuable production time.

There’s an easier way to audit assets. Bring your inventory process to the modern era with eQuip Mobile.

I have a company that is inquiring about moving over to start utilizing eQuip in the near future. We have a small portion that we’re a sub to them as prime for DOD…I showed (them) how we utilize eQuip to manage their assets and they were very impressed with how we use it to accommodate our needs and meet the FAR requirements in all aspects of asset management. They were very impressed how we have everything in one system and… (how) we utilize the mobile app to audit assets by using a cell phone and not a scanner. We print barcode labels and just scan (them) using our cell phones.

Tasi S., Government Property Manager, California

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Finish Forms in Minutes, Not Hours. Here’s How:

Working with the government means you use forms every day. But let’s be honest, no one likes filling them out.

You don’t have to spend hours filling out forms. eQuip fills out mandatory forms like DD1149s with just a few clicks.

The eQuip mobile app is an extension of the web-based eQuip asset management software. eQuip desktop and mobile software is developed to collect your asset information using RFID, GPS, and Bluetooth technology.

Scan barcodes on your smartphone

The eQuip mobile app uses the built-in cameras on smartphones and scanners to scan barcodes.

When you use eQuip your barcode tracking system will already be integrated into the system.

With eQuip for web and mobile, you can perform a quick audit quickly and easily.

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Sign out equipment with e-signature

Use eQuip mobile to issue property to a coworker without hassling them through email.

Just bring your phone and they can acknowledge receipt of the property by signing the screen, creating an electronic signature.

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eQuip Mobile Testimonial: “It was a daunting task”

Tyco Integrated Security had a large government customer with nearly 500,000 assets across almost 800 locations.

Tyco was using manual data entry to manage these assets. This lead to substantial costs in terms of time and money for Tyco.

Watch the video to see how eQuip Mobile helped Tyco manage their assets and achieve greater control of their inventory.

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