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Maintain Proper Stewardship of Assets and Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Asset and property management teams in government contracting need to do a lot with a little. They must operate with as little labor waste and as few expenses as possible while meeting ever-changing contracting regulations. Every day they battle against inaccurate data, inefficient processes, and increasing costs.

Worse still, property teams are rarely armed with the tools they need to keep their heads above water. Many use systems that haven’t been updated in years, or do their best with spreadsheets and messy printouts.

It’s time to get the tools your need. Our asset management system allows you to stop searching through spreadsheets and start making a difference for your company. Meet the system that will help you achieve compliance, gather accurate asset data, and improve the ROI of your operations.

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What’s your main role?

C-Suite Professional

You need to enable Property to operate efficiently and align with your business goals. Meet the tool and team that will work with you to meet your unique needs.

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Property Manager

You know meeting compliance it important, but find it hard to shape your current process into shape. Streamline your government property management process from acquisition through contract closeout with eQuip.

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Purchasing Agent

You need a tool to help you track hundreds or thousands of assets without slowing down the business. Get an easy to use system that integrates with the purchasing systems you already use.

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eQuip Asset Management

A robust asset management system

eQuip Asset Management software is an easy-to-use, cloud-based asset management system that lets your organization keep track of its physical assets.

With eQuip you won’t just gain information, you’ll boost overall performance. You can configure eQuip to make using this new system easier for your team. eQuip will adapt to your needs to help you improve your asset management exactly where you need it most.

Mature Your Government Property Processes

What Government Contractors Have to Say About eQuip

eQuip has radically changed what we are doing at Camber for Government Property Management. We have completely automated our process, and we have not gone beyond the tip of the iceberg with the capabilities that eQuip has.

Danny McMullins, Government Property Administrator, Huntington Ingalls Industries (formerly Camber Corporation)

The use of eQuip has allowed us to cut our temporary data entry operator staff from 20 employees last year, to 3 employees this year.

Jason Rockwell, Field Project Manager, Johnson Controls

The eQuip system is easy to use, and intuitive. It allows Property Custodians to learn a new system in support of continuous improvement.

Tharus Bradely, CPPA, Government Property Administrator, Cobham Advanced Electronics Solution

(We use eQuip) to meet the FAR requirements in all aspects on asset management. (Its) one-stop shopping for all required documentation… to have a picture of the asset as a thumbnail really helps, too. We now have everything in one system and do not have to go to different departments to get documents. We also utilize the mobile app to audit assets by using a cell phone and not a scanner. Now we can print the barcode labels and just scan using our cell phones.

Tasi Solomua, Government Property Manager, DZYNE Technologies

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