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Keep your lone workers safer with work alone technology

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Work-alone safety options allow easy compliance with lone worker legislation and safety policies by automating the check-in process, and ensuring field operators are connected to the office at all times. Workers can easily check in on their mobile device.
In the office, staff can monitor the status of all lone workers and are immediately alerted when a worker misses a check-in or an emergency arises.

Learn 6 Strategies for Improving Fleet Safety

This quick guide covers driver behavior monitoring, pre-vehicle inspections and how to better track hours of service.

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  • AVL utilization for easy vehicle tracking

  • Driver activities automatically time-stamped and captured

  • Log-in, log-off times and vehicle speed captured

  • Captured data creates historical record of worker/vehicle activity to ensure accurate information and decreased liability


  • Reduce vehicle ownership costs

  • Extend the useful life of vehicles

  • Power Elite Author Gives You Peace of Mind

  • Increase warranty recovery

  • Optimize inventory levels

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