Success Stories Learn from others to reach your goals Success Stories Learn from others to reach your goals
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Technology plays a vital role in reaching your goals. We are proud to play a role in our customers’ successes. Their stories are inspiring and informative.

“The money we invested in this technology was expected to be returned in three years, and it has been returned in one. That isn’t accounting for the overtime hours we’re saving.”
Holly Goulard, Controller, Keystone Excavating
“Just by having the drivers know that a monitoring system is in place has helped improve their driving habits. They see the system, and the reports we generate, as a helpful reminder to aid them in driving safer.”
Steve Glanville, Chief Operating Officer, STEP Energy Services
“The system has made the biggest difference in reducing overtime and increasing employee efficiency.”
Melissa Coleman, IT Project Manager, City of Fayetteville

Ferus Inc.

FSS Helps Ferus "Find Better Ways" Ferus, Inc., headquartered in Calgary AB, is focused on leadership and “finding [...]


Transystems Case Study

Dan Brennan, the Vice President of Technology of Transystems LLC. says that choosing AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) with the rugged Ranger mobile computer for their fleet of 400 vehicles was all about ease of use, custom integrations, and cultural fit. Read more.


Rick’s Oilfield Hauling

The economic downturn is a challenge for all oilfield haulers, but Rick’s Oilfield Hauling continues to find a way to succeed. By guaranteeing customer products are transported safely and on time with a well-maintained fleet, combined with the help of AssetWorks Field Service Solution, Rick’s Oilfield Hauling can effectively continue operations despite negative market conditions.


City of Fayetteville Case Study

The City of Fayetteville needed an advanced technology system to both ensure in an emergency that the fire department was able to send the next available unit to improve response times and the police department could improve safety and visibility for its officers as well as FAST wanting to provide better customer service and improve routing and scheduling. They chose AssetWorks to provide a comprehensive technology system which helped reduce overtime and increased employee efficiency. Streets Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) software suite was chosen for the fixed route transit operation while Streets is integrated with Ranger MDT’s in the buses to provide dispatch with real-time location and status updates. The public safety fleet which includes 125 police vehicles and 60 fire trucks included BBX tracking devices which helped cut down on response time as well.


American Electric Power Case Study

American Electric Power (AEP) wanted to improve worker safety and reaction time to dangerous incidents, shorten the duration of customer outages, and reduce gas usage for their 4,600-vehicle service fleet. They implemented AssetWorks Field Service Solution which includes GPS/AVL, mobile computing, telematic data, event management, and reporting capabilities. They also outfitted their vehicles with BBX, a telematics data collection device. Now, call takers can see which vehicle is closest to an incident when a call for service is received. This reduced fuel and overtime costs. Likewise, a dispatcher can determine the exact location during an incident and send help immediately and with real-time capabilities, the safety and visibility of fleet workers has greatly improved.

What does success look like to you?

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