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Field ticketing software allows you to streamline your process and go paperless

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AssetWorks Field Service Solution allows field operators to electronically manage field ticketing software and work orders, update inventory details and track job statuses using mobile devices!  Office staff, who can track the current job stage of a field operator in real-time, have the ability to send last-minute changes directly to the operator and ticketing information is sent to the office electronically, eliminating paperwork and time-consuming data entry.

Benefits of Going Paperless

Paper forms can cost you a lot if they’re lost or smudged. Many fleet professionals believe it’s too hard to change because their system is unique. Wrong!

AssetWorks Field Service Solution (FSS) can help you go paperless to help speed up your process.

The Success of Streamlining your Business 

Now that workflows are streamlined and captured electronically, this fluid hauling organization can track the entire loading and unloading process and address any issues in real-time.
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  • Eliminates paper processes, data entry and manual record keeping

  • Reduced billing cycles and improved payroll processes

  • Electronically recorded work order information

  • Updated work orders in back office system in real-time

  • Speed up billing cycles by up to three months


  • Improved response times to customer calls and faster dispatching

  • Lower fuel costs

  • Better vehicle maintenance

  • Lower staffing requirements

  • Improved communications between office staff and field operators

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