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We can help you find the right ELDs solutions for your organization.

With the introduction of the ELD Mandate, it is time to decide which ELD platform is best for you. Luckily, we offer ELD solutions to help you get ELD Mandate compliant with ease while providing additional functionality.

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Benefits of ELD software:

  • Simplify regulatory requirements which can reduce violations

  • Lower crash rates

  • Streamline audits

  • Eliminates paperwork and handling costs

With the right ELD provider:

  • Vehicle inspections

  • GPS and telematics

  • Accident notification and reconstruction

  • Driver behavior (speeding, idling, aggressive behavior, unauthorized vehicle use)

  • Dispatching and field ticketing

5 Good reasons to Choose AssetWorks ELD

We understand that it is difficult to sift through the long list of ELD providers. So, we made this short video to help you see why AssetWorks ELD stands out from the rest. We have a stable company history, go far beyond ELD compliance, offer 24/7 customer support, have a variety of ELD platforms, and we can customize our solution to fit the requirements of your fleet!

The Definitive Guide to Buying An Electronic Logging Device

How do I select the right vendor? How much do ELDs cost? This definitive guide answers all key questions about buying an electronic logging device and how to make the best decision for your fleet.

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Durable Electronic Logging Device

AssetWorks durable ELD is a cost-effective option that is hardwired to the vehicle through the ECM.

  • Mid-range specs for shock/vibration, temperature and moisture/dust
  • Portable unit on docking station
  • Typically a 2 piece solution with a separate ECM “box”
  • Purpose built for vehicle
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