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AssetWorks FSS: The Right ELD Solution for Your Organization

With the introduction of the ELD Mandate, time is running out to decide which ELD platform is best for you. Luckily, our ELD solutions can help you become ELD Compliant with ease while providing plenty of additional functionalities.

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eld logbook, electronic logs, elds solutions, best ELD devices, electronic logging device

For U.S. and Canada organizations, AssetWorks FSS offers solutions that can help any fleet get and stay compliant. AssetWorks’ durable ELD solution is a cost-effective option that is hardwired to a vehicle through the ECM. Some features include:

  • Mid-range specs for shock/vibration, temperature, and moisture/dust
  • Portable unit on docking station
  • Typically, a 2-piece solution with a separate ECM “box”
  • Purpose built for vehicle

The Administrator Software Feature Set gives real-time visibility of all drivers including their current cycle status and availability. It allows you to create, update and manage records, while reviewing edited logs and annotations. The Administrator Software Feature Set’s offerings allows you to manage your fleet in a variety of ways, including:

  • Creating dashboard views and reports
  • View daily driving logs
  • Create, update, and manage records
  • Manage violations & capture action
  • Manage drivers and rules sets
  • Review edited logs and annotations

We understand that getting off on the right foot is important, especially when it comes to deployments – that’s why we assign project managers to help guide you through the deployment process. With our AssetWorks FSS ELD solution, you’ll receive 24/7 ELD support for your drivers. With this service, both drivers and ELD system administrators can call day or night, and our expert professionals will answer all of their ELD questions.

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