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What is the ELD Mandate?

The ELD Mandate is affecting millions of drivers across North America. Learn how AssetWorks can keep you in compliance and help you find the best Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) for your fleet.

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The ELD Mandate

The government regulation called the ELD Mandate, aims to improve traffic safety by using modern technology to strengthen commercial truck and bus drivers’ compliance with hours-of-service regulations that prevent fatigue.

Everything you need to know about the ELD Mandate - all in one place!

This quick guide will tell you exactly what you need to know in order to comply with the FMCSA’s new legislation on electronic logging devices.
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Benefits of ELD Software

  • Simplify regulatory requirements which can reduce violations

  • Lower crash rates

  • Streamline audits

  • Eliminates paperwork and handling costs

With the right ELD provider you can

  • Vehicle inspections

  • GPS and telematics

  • Accident notification and reconstruction

  • Driver behavior (speeding, idling, aggressive behavior, unauthorized vehicle use)

  • Dispatching and field ticketing

AssetWorks Field Service Solution – An ELD Compliant Device

An Electronic Driver Log solution places ELDs inside the vehicle and Hours of Service (HOS) software in the office. This solution eliminates the need for paper logs, improves transportation management and simplifies HOS tracking and reporting. Watch this quick video to learn how to easily manage HOS requirements.

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