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Use electronic DVIR to keep your vehicles and drivers safe 

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AssetWorks Field Service Solution’s Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) work hand-in-hand with your Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) in order to keep your drivers and your vehicles safe. The same technology platform is used for both the DVIRs and ELDs so the information vital to maintaining a safe environment doesn’t fall through the cracks. From real-time status updates to tailored inspection points, Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports were created to further your vehicles’ success.

Learn a better way to manage your mobile workforce

See how fleet manager Jack goes from in the dark to in the know with AssetWorks Field Service Solution. This demo shows you how this solution gives fleet managers like Jack greater visibility into what their workers are doing, where their vehicles are and where they are losing money. Watch Jack improve the efficiency of his fleet and the profitability of his company.

Vehicle inspections aren’t the only way to make your fleet safer

This quick guide covers various 6 ways that fleet organizations can be safer through both processes and technology.

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  • Uses same technology platform as ELDs

  • Historical data available in cab and in office electronically

  • Driver prompts ensure adherence

  • Different inspection lists for different vehicle types and internal processes available

  • Goes hand-in-hand with green initiatives


  • Allows you to monitor completion or lack thereof

  • Reduces violations

  • Same cost issues as driver logs

  • Major or minor defect alerts are sent to appropriate personnel in real time, while major defect reports provide direct feedback to driver

  • Avoid duplicate entries

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