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Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance and

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)

AssetWorks Field Service Solution provides Hours-of-Service (HOS) and Driver Vehicle Inspection (DVI) functionality to make legislative compliance effortless and straightforward.

Combining in-vehicle Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and in-office hours of service software, the solution handles all North American regulations including DOT and Transport Canada. Our solution supports pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections and our DVI functionality meets US FMCSA and Canadian NSC Schedule 13 requirements.

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Simplify DOT Hours of Service Compliance

This quick demo will show how ELD mandate and DOT hours of service compliance is made easy with AssetWorks. AssetWorks ELD and hours of service software eliminates the need for paper logs, improves transportation management, lowers operational costs, and simplifies tracking and reporting.  Watch this quick video and learn how to manage HOS requirements efficiently.

Curious how Hours of Service regulations affect you?

This Hours of Service infographic will help break down regulations betwen the U.S. and Canada

View the Hours of Service Infographic >

Features of Hours of Service Software

  • In-vehicle software for easy tracking and reporting
  • Elimination of paper logs
  • Improved transportation management
  • Real-time communication between vehicles and office
  • Increased driver safety and legislative compliance

Benefits of Hours of Service Software

  • Improved HOS compliance and safety ratings and lowered operational costs
  • Easily monitor driver performance
  • Faster roadside inspections and reduced vehicle downtime
  • Complete easy-to-access data for audits
  • Real-time driver alerts when driving limits are reached

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