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Why should AEP upgrade AssetWorks ?

  • We can leverage your existing hardware and installation

  • We can minimize the impact to current vehicle architecture

  • You can use the existing Enterprise License for a cost-effective deployment

  • XGate Middleware allows you to support both legacy & the latest software version simultaneously, minimizing system disruption while upgrading

  • You can seamlessly upgrade to FSS Version 5.18 for the latest, feature rich fleet management platform

dispatching software


AssetWorks Field Service Solutions can improve your asset utilization:

  • Understand equipment utilization trends
  • Track use of ancillary vehicle equipment to analyze need
  • Find under utilized vehicles/equipment
  • Maximize distribution of vehicles/equipment across your organization
  • Lower operating costs and increase efficiency


AssetWorks Field Service Solutions can help solve many safety concerns:

  • Overcome mobile safety challenges and enforce stringent safety standards from the office
  • Automatically and accurately track drivers’ Hours-of-Service (HOS) and work alone safety
  • Keep unsafe vehicles off the road by collecting pre-trip vehicle inspection faults in real-time
  • Monitor poor driving habits and safety issues through real-time alerts, thus decreasing fuel costs

Approximately 4000 vehicles at AEP are currently using AssetWorks BBX, which is a stand-alone GPS/AVL and telematics data collection device. AssetWorks Field Service Solution captures data sent by BBX and displays vehicle icons on the dispatchers’ existing maps. The Field Service Solution also integrates with AEP’s Oracle database to collect data such as vehicle speed and the last known position of the vehicle. The BBX version that AEP is currently using is from 2007, and AssetWorks has so much more to offer AEP.

Read More about BBX at AEP here

From simple trailer and asset tracking to vehicle tracking, we offer many devices to meet your needs. Our ME4230 could easily replace your current BBX and offer enhanced dual-mode cellular/radio based functionality and gradually replace the BBX unit as needed.

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