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Electronic logging devices that will keep your drivers safe

There’s been so much news lately with Canada’s ELD Mandate that it might be hard to follow sometimes. Canada Transport has officially extended the deadline to June 2022, allowing businesses to have more time to find a solution to keep them in compliance.

Although all ELD solutions need to go through a third-party certification approved by Transport Canada, not all solutions will be a good overall fit for your fleet. In the U.S. several fleets chose a cheaper, simpler option, only to find themselves looking for a new solution a year later. This is the time where fleet professionals should be looking at their overall operations and seeing where they can improve.

There are many things that fleet professionals should be considering when they deploy any new technology. AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) wants to show you some of those things you should be carefully considering and why AssetWorks FSS should be your next ELD provider

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The Importance of Customer Care

The AssetWorks Customer Support Team’s goal is to reduce long wait times for responses for simple problems or questions. Many companies will say that their customer care team is “the best in the industry,” but how long do you have to wait to talk to someone to answer your questions? With AssetWorks FSS, you’ll always have a live expert when you call who can walk you through any troubleshooting or other issue you may have. Email responses always have less than a 24-hour’s turnaround time, and we’ll always provide great information.

We’ll help you step-by-step to make sure you feel comfortable, and the task gets completed. Our Self-Checkout on the help site is also a perfect opportunity to get quick answers and go for the “do it yourself” method. Maybe you have a driver that works overnight and is having issues with their ELD device. Many companies promise 24/7 response times, but how can they help you with technical concerns? Our 24/7 ELD support line can help your drivers answer any questions or concerns about their ELD device, which gives you the peace of mind that your team is taken care of.

Our ELD Platform Options

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No two businesses are alike. Whether you are searching for a solution that can withstand rigorous freezing temperatures, or a solution that is cost-friendly, having options is key when you choosing a solution for your fleet. AssetWorks FSS has options for every fleet needs.

Our Rugged Android Tablet ELD is a cost-effective and highly reliable option. Easy to install, our rugged tablet provides an excellent balance between durability and affordability. Some features include:

  • Mid-range specs for shock/vibration, temperature & moisture/dust
  • Portable unit on docking station
  • Purpose built for vehicle
  • GPS, telematics & driver behavior support

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Are you looking for something that is more cost-effective, but will continue to have the same benefits?

Save on hardware and use consumer and industrial grade hardware to get your fleet where it needs to be. Having this option allows your drivers to remain comfortable and familiar on the smartphones they already use.

Utilization and ROI You Can Count On

Anytime your company is making a big investment to improve their operations, you need to think about how it can help different areas of the business as well. ELDs are an investment with which your organization can see a greater ROI. Some companies decide to go with a cheaper option just to stay in compliance, but by selecting a more comprehensive solution, you’ll be able to see the benefits of improved safety and efficiency. With the ELD Mandate set to go live in June 2022, this is a good opportunity to review how you do business. You should be able to see the following with a good ELD provider:

  • GPS/Telematics
  • Driver Behavior monitoring
  • IFTA data collection
  • Dispatching/Electronic Ticketing
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Trailer/Asset tracking
  • Lone Worker technology

When choosing an ELD provider, look at your organization’s needs and discover how you can make your operations more efficient. AssetWorks FSS goes beyond ELD, allowing you to pair your ELD with other technology that can keep your drivers safe and help you see a better ROI.

The right solution will provide flexibility to provide more standard capabilities or even to provide the option to turn on more features when the timing is right for your organization. With the right solution, you should be able to lower operational costs, reduce vehicle downtime and keep drivers safe on the road. Find a solution that will work for you and give back on your investment.

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Company History

With over 25 years of deploying in-cab mobile computing devices and fleet management technology, AssetWorks Field Service Solutions has a proven track record of success. By implementing and thoroughly testing our ELD products, we provide confidence to our clients that our products meet the requirements of the ELD mandate, while offering additional functionality.

We work with our customers to find the best configuration for their fleets while providing top of the line hardware. We understand that the trucking industry is not a “9-5,” so we offer top customer support for you 24/7 to meet your needs. AssetWorks FSS finds solutions to help cut costs and develop your fleet to be more efficient.

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