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Going through the process of choosing a solution that will help change the way you do business is no easy task. You’ve probably looked through a dozen vendors, all with similar features and techniques that can help try and achieve a more efficient operation for your organization.

Now it’s time for you to see why you should choose AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) to help you achieve your goals and see a greater ROI.

We’ve been helping fleets throughout a variety of industries across North America, for over 30 years. We want to show you just some of the reasons why AssetWorks FSS has been a trusted solution in the industry for all these years.

Custom Solutions and Integrations

No two businesses are alike, and field ticketing systems shouldn’t be either. You need to have a system that is tailor-made to fit your needs and processes. We work with you on learning on how your system works and finding what might be a better way for you to do things. We work with your drivers, operators and administrative staff to find out how we can speed up your processes and make you more efficient. Creating custom forms for everyday on-the-job use will help you and your drivers in the field to eliminate any errors. Eliminating manual record keeping and data entry will allow you to focus on the more important things, like keeping your customers happy.

A custom integration for your electronic field ticketing solution will enhance your back-office operations. No more wasting time trying to reenter completed field ticket data from your drivers or worrying about your drivers trying to find a missing field ticket from work that was completed the week before. We integrate with your current back-office systems, so the transition is a smooth process.

Data You Can Trust

Being able to utilize accurate data can completely change the way you run your business. AssetWorks FSS allows you to optimize the data from your vehicles and ensures you will not have to worry about unexpected vehicles being in the shop for long periods of time. Finding out what vehicles or assets need maintenance to prevent any costly repairs can save your business thousands of dollars. You’ll no longer have to waste time trying to find where the vehicle is in the yard.

AssetWorks FSS provides a Location feature that will show you exactly where your vehicles and assets are so that you can get to them right away. We provide the most accurate meter readings and engine hours for your vehicles. You’ll see better fuel efficiency because your vehicles are up to date with their oil changes, air filters and more. You’ll be getting the most out of your vehicles and continuing to deliver great customer service.

 Keeping Your Drivers Safe

Driver behavior technology lets you analyze undesirable activity such as speeding, swerving, hard braking and unauthorized use. In addition, it helps you track idling costs to eliminate wasteful driving habits, increase ROI and keep your costs down. AssetWorks FSS will send you alerts of when these events occur, allowing you to work with the driver on preventing them from happening again in the future. You’re able to generate reports and follow a bread crumb history of each vehicle and any events that might have occurred.

AssetWorks FSS also provides an ELD solution that allows you to keep your drivers safe with our hours-of-service technology. By automatically and accurately collecting your drivers’ hours of service, you’re ensuring the safety of your driver and others on the road. You’re able to keep unsafe vehicles off the road with pre-trip vehicle inspection faults in real-time. Through durable and mobile solutions, we offer an ELD solution regardless of the vehicle and industry you serve.

Customer Care You Can Count On

AssetWorks FSS understands that you need around the clock support to produce quality services and products. The FSS Help Center thrives on helping our customers with difficult tasks and developing solutions for them in the future. When you need to speak to someone when you have a question or an issue with your devices, our team can show you where to get the answers. Our experts have years of experience in the industry and have seen virtually every scenario out there – finding the right solution won’t be a problem.

The AssetWorks Customer Support Team’s goal is to reduce long wait responses for simple problems or questions. You’ll always have a live expert when you call who can walk you through any troubleshooting or other issue you may have. Email responses always have less than a 24-hour’s turnaround time, and we’ll always provide great information. We’ll help you step by step to make sure you feel comfortable, and the task gets completed. Our Self-Checkout on the help site is also a perfect opportunity to get quick answers and go for the “do it yourself” method. Our 24/7 ELD support line can help your drivers answer any questions or concerns about their ELD device, which gives you the peace of mind that your team is taken care of.

AssetWorks Field Service Solution has a long history of helping businesses reach their goals and seeing a great ROI. With over 30 years of industry experience, we help customers speed up their processes, ensure accurate data and eliminate manual entry. We work with our customers to keep their drivers safe, speed up their processes and create a more efficient environment.

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